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Anthropogenesis Amended


Periorative equality
I amiss disintegrate.
In the absence of spirit
Having paid the duty magnificent
at the gates so oval,
The crowds I reperitate
having walked or having burneth.
Knowledge ancient shall not be bestowed
upon all. (quotes and wisdoms.)
Pronar, although not him this is,
but meresome excrements.
Mine, he is! Real, soleone,
tardified, not having known
the whole world I was or not.
Having done such mystifications,
cancellation of fourth persons' thoughts
through retrospectionanistic torposions.
I rectify.
Ah, indeed fantabuluos our viscera are.
Periosteum cracked in my thigh
like a feeble stone in cosmos' great jaw.
Repugnant gobs of regret it dribbles.
I disintegrate.
Antimatter I fabricate in vast quantities
to prossess the embrace of the antiworld.
My only.

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