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My first Pony Pic, the Worst Twilight Sparke you will ever see

AppleShy Sparkle

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It is really not bad. I rather like the mane and tail, but the legs and outline could use a little work. I would give it a 7.5/10. However, it is better than anything I have done, so I am not fit to judge.

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You know, the great thing about art is that there's nothing to do but to improve. You'll only get better with time and practice, so keep at it.


Also, this is far from the worst Twilight Sparkle I've seen (trust me, I've seen some pretty bad stuff), and it's better than I probably could do by any traditional means (I'm a pretty lame artist without my beloved Photoshop tools). Just keep working and you'll only get better, trust me.

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