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Discord: The Tribute

Pinkie Prectar

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Hey fellow bronies and pegasisters!


I thought we needed a tribute thread for the most awesome villain of all times! Exactly: Di di di DISCORD!



So let us all share any thoughts, videos, pictures and maybe even theories about Discord. Will he return? What is your favourite thing about him? Where did he come from? Anything about Discord really.




I'll start of by putting in my favourite videos of Discord atm.



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Haha, nice picture there xD


Oh and just watched the Discord episodes again.


I like how he fills hils glass with chocolate milk in reverse order. Meaning that the glass starts filling from top till bottom.

And then he drinks the glass and throws away the chocolate milk. And BOOOM! xD

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Now I've heard this "yesss" of Discord quite some times, and been wondering what the heck he was sounding like. And now I know! He sounds like Cobra Commander! :D


It's at 2:05




(Cobra rulesss, Celestia drools?)

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Discord was cool. Although his "death" was a bit...unfulfilling... I was hoping his statue would have shattered, because it doesn't seem like he's coming back. But he might, so I suppose not shattering was best.

Discord was a fun villain.

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The second video of the OP made me laugh until milk came out my nose, and I haven't drank milk in a while!


I can only imagine that sign having the words "Attention: For your own safety, please calm the hell down before using the stairs."

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