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    A lot of things. .u.
    'Specially drawing, and doing vocal impersonations. And sewing plushies. And writing. And video games.

    I also seem to talk about grapes a lot on here. Grapes are glorious, so it is an unworrisome matter.

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    I do have one, and will supply a link soon. Or something. .u.
  1. Huh.

    1. Unikitty
    2. Tual


      Oh. It was supposed to be a comment on a page. Didn't work I guess.

    3. Unikitty
  2. I like many types of juice. I really like some of those fancy, fruit blend ones.
  3. Oh! Thankies. I'm sorry about making a duplicate, then. ^-^;
  4. I kinda wanna do a pony marathon through all the seasons the next chance I get, but I have no time, and anime needing to be watched..

  5. Toys R Us is pretty good for ponies, so is Walmart, and most stores with toy sections in general.
  6. Owls, turtles, frogs (or almost any amphibian in that matter), chameleons (and most reptiles), foxes, birdddssssss, ect. -w-
  7. I don't think this topic has yet been made, soooo... What is your most favourite word? You can put an answer why as well, if you'd like. I dunno why, but I've been very fond of the word "circumgyrate" for a few years now. It means to rotate, pretty much. I also have liked cephalopod and illumination this week.
  8. Drawing, playing with my voice, singing (when no one can hear .////.; ), playing video games, and baking are my main hobbies.
  9. I'm extremely clumsy, and extremely accident prone. Yet, I'm also very nimble and agile. I sure love when I trip on flat surfaces.
  10. She asks Hasbro for some of the cash from the merchandise they sell of her.
  11. There would be more toys. Lel. The only problem is, I'm not sure how all of them would be able to qualify for alicorn status in the first place. Twilight got it, mainly due to her magic skills and knowledge in magical studies, if I recall right. Plus she has the royal connection. Rarity could possibly become one as well, if her talent situation was different, and maybe Rainbow Dash (with her superb flying skills), but she'd need magical assistance, which would take a long time to master.
  12. Is it just me, or does turning off a song in the middle of it bother anyone else? It drives me nuts.

    1. Steelstallion


      Yes. You are not alone in that subject. I hate not listening to the whole song or else it gets stuck in my head trying to get finished.

    2. Pastel


      I think it annoys everyone.

    3. Unikitty


      Yeah, I can't stand it either. Either switch it early in the song, or wait until it's over. No in-between.