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    A lot of things. .u.
    'Specially drawing, and doing vocal impersonations. And sewing plushies. And writing. And video games.

    I also seem to talk about grapes a lot on here. Grapes are glorious, so it is an unworrisome matter.

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    I do have one, and will supply a link soon. Or something. .u.
  1. Tual

    Favorite juice?

    I like many types of juice. I really like some of those fancy, fruit blend ones.
  2. Tual

    Favorite Word

    Oh! Thankies. I'm sorry about making a duplicate, then. ^-^;
  3. Tual

    Do you eat healthy?

    Depends on what I can afford. :/
  4. Toys R Us is pretty good for ponies, so is Walmart, and most stores with toy sections in general.
  5. Tual

    What are your favorite animals?

    Owls, turtles, frogs (or almost any amphibian in that matter), chameleons (and most reptiles), foxes, birdddssssss, ect. -w-
  6. Tual

    Favorite Word

    I don't think this topic has yet been made, soooo... What is your most favourite word? You can put an answer why as well, if you'd like. I dunno why, but I've been very fond of the word "circumgyrate" for a few years now. It means to rotate, pretty much. I also have liked cephalopod and illumination this week.
  7. Tual


    Drawing, playing with my voice, singing (when no one can hear .////.; ), playing video games, and baking are my main hobbies.
  8. Tual

    How (if at all) clumsy are you?

    I'm extremely clumsy, and extremely accident prone. Yet, I'm also very nimble and agile. I sure love when I trip on flat surfaces.
  9. Tual

    Where does Twilight get money?

    She asks Hasbro for some of the cash from the merchandise they sell of her.
  10. There would be more toys. Lel. The only problem is, I'm not sure how all of them would be able to qualify for alicorn status in the first place. Twilight got it, mainly due to her magic skills and knowledge in magical studies, if I recall right. Plus she has the royal connection. Rarity could possibly become one as well, if her talent situation was different, and maybe Rainbow Dash (with her superb flying skills), but she'd need magical assistance, which would take a long time to master.
  11. Tual

    What do you like to spread on toast / bread?

    Peanut butter is my most favourite on toast or even bread in general. Honey is good on toast as well. ...I detest butter and peanut butter together on toast, however.
  12. Tual

    Anyone here enjoy rare steak?

    ^This. I don't like my steak cooked too much, especially on the rare chance I get it. I don't like it dry or.....Cooked too much.
  13. Tual

    Unicorn with wings - NOT Alicorn

    This is actually an interesting topic to think about, it never came to mind for me. Due to the different types of pony body structures, I'd assume each would transform differently. Earth ponies need strong, a tad bit naturally heavier body. Y'know, to do their earth-ly pony duties I'd assume, and to even keep them walking around a lot, so their bodies ain't built for wings. Maybe they could have increased jumping abilities, or gain more nimbleness in their legs? Maybe an increased sense of smell, and more powerful jaws for more grounded foods? I'm not sure. Maybe unicorns could have the dark magic as you said, that could strictly be used to hide or fruit hunt, or increased magic ability if they already specialized in picking up things magically. More of a range, to gain more fruit, or detect it through something in their horns. I'd also think their depth perception would increase. Not their sight directly though, but at least an increase of that sense at night, based off real bat senses. I dunno. Can't think currently.
  14. Tual

    What is your dream job?

    Voice acting! I'd love to become a voice actress. I have a wide vocal range, love to act (but am sorta shy doing so in front of many), and can do many impressions. I feel as though I have quite the talent for it, but probably'll never get a good opportunity to do such/become such. I also would love to become a critic, about written word or movies, or a story board artist. I like doing both things on my spare time. ....Same with voice acting. Kinda. ....I wanna be a voice actress mainly. u//w//u;
  15. Not at all popular, never have been. I've fluctuated between 1/10-2/10 over the years, depending on given events. Not that I mind much. It gives me more time to hide from people to draw.