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  1. It's fantasy bro, magic will be the answer to everything. If you were to take it to a rational case, then it is likely that Sombra encased the empire in a pocket dimension of some sort by breaking into 4th dimensional space which we mere 3 dimensional beings can not observe.
  2. Alright, I've run into a few people on the internet who have a unique case regarding MLP. They don't watch the show, nor do I think they like it, but love all the fan work such as the art and fan fics. Can they be called bronies or not? The thing is, bronies are fans of the show, but these people are solely interested in the fandom itself.
  3. I'm subscribed to the Xbox 360 page on Facebook and just found out that they released a set of avatar items for MLP FIM. The comment section is filled with so many whiny haters that haven't even watched the show. For years, can't accept people like this this show. Watch the brony haters moan in their utter defeat how their precious Xbox recognizes us.
  4. Twiligt OP? Please. We clearly saw her unable to fly in Equestria Girls, leading me to believe that her flying in MMC was just a spurt of excitement. Plus, she lacks any form of aggressive magic.
  5. The thing with Flash Sentry is that he had some potential, even if he was a minor character. I think what would have helped him was that if he was portrayed as lightly nervous and Sunset Shimmer's reluctant boyfriend. When he helps clear Twilight's, Sunset should have started to rage at him, only for Flash Sentry to muster up the courage to say that they're breaking up and Sunset is a jerk. This would have helped his character greatly. Unfortunatly, the writers were too lazy with him and most bronies are indifferent to him as a result. To be fair, the only people who really hate him are bronies who have a hard time accepting Twilight is not a fillyfooler.
  6. To be fair, it could have also meant that he's tired from being a Wonderbolt 24/7 or because he's nervous. I looked back on the episode, and noticed that Soarin was pretty shy in the gala. Maybe that's why he has eyebags.
  7. On the new (at the time of this post) MLP forums banner, we have a diagram of Soarin. I paid attention to his image and noticed he has eye bags, which is a sign of getting old. I thought this was a mistake and watched Best Night Ever and saw that he had eye bags in the episode as well. As said before, eye bags are a sign of getting old, so does that mean Soarin is middle aged or something. If that is the case, then what if a future episode involves Soarin retiring from the Wonder Bolts and giving his position to Rainbow Dash? It would be a cool episode, but if he really was old, then it's good bye to SoarinDash and SoarinJack for me.
  8. I don't personally think Twilight was in a human universe as much as she was in an anthro universe. Humans don't have purple, blue, red, etc skin colors or Rainbow colored hair. Plus, she probably didn't go to Earth, but instead an alternate dimension. I mean, did we see any flags or globes of Earth? I guess human wouldn't be a correct technical term. But I guess it was stupid she didn't ask what she was.
  9. Changelings aren't technically ponies. I think they're more insect like. As a result, they can't be alicorns because alicorn is a subspecies of equine. Having wings and a horn doesn't technically count.
  10. So anyway, I've noticed that there is a complete lack of fan fictions surrounding the universe of Equestria Girls. This may be the result of half the fandom generally being apathetic towards it. However, I noticed that creating ship fics based on this universe would be entertaining because; 1. The male to female ration is EVEN. There were even some scenes where there were more males than females in it. As a result, it would be pretty easy to claim one of the background humans as an OC of some sorts and ship it with a female. There wouldn't be any left over females to be shipped with females. 2. There is actual established romance. Flash Sentry basically has a thing for anthro Twilight. Now that Equestria Twilight is gone, will he meet and fall in love with Earth Twilight? Will he date one of the mane 5? Or better yet, continue dating Sunset Shimmer even though she tried to enslave him? That last part would be funny. 3. A lot of Ho yay amongst the anthro mane 6. Although we don't know if they're genetically gay for it to work, human girl on human girl is more interesting that pony. If you know what I mean.
  11. I think 2-3 more seasons will do the show justice before it starts loosing quality. After that, we still will have other gens to look forward to. If hasbro is smart, they'll use the techniques used to create FIM to ensure the quality of the next gen.
  12. How can we know, we don't have any medical records. Sexuality is genetic and I personally find the idea of the Mane 6 being simultaneously gay, which all fanfics seem to suggest, laughable. But still; Twilight: Straight based on the fact she had a small crush on Flash Sentry. Even if EG is non canon, the writers have spoken. Pinkie Pie: pan sexual since she could end up in bed with anything and not care. Rainbow Dash: Probably bi if she really kissed Applejack in the Mare Do Well episode. She also displays a crush on Soarin in the the of A Canterlot Wedding. Applejack.: Straight considering she seems to have been disgusted after Rainbow supposedly kissed her. She seems to have been flattered when Soarin was lightly flirting with her over pie. Rarity: STRAIGHT. No offense to RariJack or RariTwi lovers, but your ship is invalid. Rarity constantly mentions that she wants a prince, not a princess. The bi guy at my school would always refer to males and females when talking about love. Fluttershy: I think she wouldn't pursue a relationship because she's too timid for that. BTW, this might interest you all. My Fimfiction name is Terran117.
  13. If the Mane 6, as humans, had to choose a place to live on our planet, where do you think they'd decide to live in. I say they would each choose a place that would best suit their culture and personality. Applejack: Rural Southern USA (Texas, Alabama, Kentucky). This is obvious. Not only does she possess the accent and farm love, but also the cultural value of family and responsibility. Rarity: Fashion capitols where her work would be appreciated like Milan, Paris, London or even New York. She'd perfer to stay in big city areas. Pinkie Pie: Sin cities like Las Vegas or Amsterdam where she can take partying to extremes. Fluttershy: She wouldn't like to live in urban areas. I'd say somewhere in Canada, America or Europe that filled with lush beauty. Twilight: Somewhere urban where that she could do research in without interference. I'd say the Scandinavian or Dutch countries or Northern USA. Those nations are renowned for their innovation in politics and science. Rainbow Dash: She's somepony who would always be on the move.
  14. If it's within the Mane 6, I would say Rarity due to her crafting skills. Outside the Mane 6, I'd say Cheerlie because she's a school teacher. There are numerous times where I question Celestia's skill as a leader, Luna is outdated on many subjects and I assume Cadance has normal intelligence.
  15. I believe somebrony made have already made a forum like this but I digress. I love the Mane 6 a lot. They're greatly developed characters with friendly and lovable personalities. But when it comes to role models for Little Girls, MY OPINION is that Rarity is the most important role model of the 6 being targeted towards girls. Why? You ask. Think about it. I hate stereotyping but in every other little girls show or toy line, the girls are exposed to characteristics of characters who aren't worth anything other than fashion. Now let's look at other media. In many shows, the Girl loving fashion is always a ***** and a total evil ****. As a result of this exposure, girls are forced to grow up thinking that you can either be nice, or love fashion and be mean. Then came Rarity. She could have been the bad guy, but Faust said no. Instead she is the element of generosity and a great role model to her sister and offers good advice. Rarity can show little girls that you can love fashion and can still be a great person. You do not have to choose one over the other. I never thought Rarity would be my favorite member of the Mane 6. But here she is. What do you bronies think.