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  1. I've only seen rarity love. She has real character. She was my favorite pony in the beginning before Twilight overtook her.
  2. Episode 20 :] It's About Time: Twilight receives a warning from her future self and drives herself crazy with worry.
  3. I would say Game development has a bigger future.
  4. ^ I like Jaque too Carl Sagan because he spoke the cosmos to me. He was a voice of hope for humanity. He gave me my cosmic perspective and allowed me to ditch my human one. Also, Robert Zubrin becasue mars.
  5. Lesson zero and feeling pinkie keen. Only two eps i have not re-watched. I did not like Mare do well either, really bad writing for RD. I want the arrogance to at least be more subtle and some of the scenes ruined the fairy tail feel.
  6. I love Hybrid and deadmau5 as some of my most recent favorites
  7. I like flying, but i would be a unicorn for the manipulation powers. I would be able to easily build myself a flying machine.
  8. I like deep time and wandering around the universe, so yes.