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  1. I'm back. School's been horrible on me, but I'm here to stay now~

  2. Wow I haven't been on here for so long. There are blogs now? o__o

    1. 000


      Came out just today

  3. Uh, guys. You're forgetting about Esperanto, which was made for this exact reason wayyy back in 1897 (: It actually has worked too, and is a fairly easy language to learn (I used to know some, but I haven't been studying it as much as I'd like to... plus the fact that I'm learning 3 other languages right now) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Esperanto
  4. Chrome, but on occasion I use Firefox c: I like the themes on Chrome moreso than Firefox, and I just prefer the way it looks over the other browsers.
  5. It's rare that I seek to make friends in real life. I have a few good friends currently, meaning I can share pretty much anything with them and we can have a good conversation or for just messing around and being silly, and I'm happy with them. I do also have acquaintances, but only really to talk generally.
  6. Sometimes it's nice being mostly silent :) You can sneak up on friends so easily, plus people rarely notice you. Not joking, I can be in a room for an hour and no one will notice, it's kinda funny ^__^

    1. False Perception

      False Perception

      I keep my lights off on purpose. It really freaks them out when you're suited up in all black and weapons...

  7. Michiyo and Michi are what my friends call me and is my 'internet/artist name' I also go by V and Vic
  8. I would tell them, "Dude, don't do that please." Why? Because I hate kissing. All the germs and mouth stuff freak me out, I barely even let my family kiss me on the cheek. I don't even want to imagine that. Plus I'm not into that whole 'romance' stuff -shrugs-
  9. I guess that's good o__o I mean, it works for me and runs stuff fast enough for my liking
  10. So much rain and thunder, at least there isn't a tornado or anything

  11. Well, just finished Soul Eater. Not bad, can't wait to read the manga now

    1. Whiteshade


      the manga is way better

    2. Raiyny Day

      Raiyny Day

      I hope so. I really didn't like that ending

  12. http://i343.photobucket.com/albums/o442/birdy_buddy_101/IMG_02491-1.jpg I colour my art with crayons... I still say they are an awesome medium to work with
  13. Cats, I've owned 1 my whole life... even though I'm more of a crazy bird lady
  14. Did someone say... electroswing?! I absolutely LOVE Electroswing, I've been listening to it like crazy for a few weeks now! I'll put up a few of my favourites.
  15. I live in Naperville Illinois, which is 30 miles away from Chicago Facts: In 2006, Naperville ranked 2nd of 100 best places to live according to Money Magazine Naperville was the first place to make a 9/11 memorial, which is located on the riverwalk RIBFEST!! The Naperville Public Library is ranked one of the best libraries in the US for 9 years in a row We're well known for our school districts and home to 8 colleges and universities Population of 141,853 (In my opinion) We have a BEAUTIFUL downtown area
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