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  1. I can voice act deeper voices and possibly a few zombies such as the smoker or Boomer.
  2. Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt, One Piece, AoT. I prefer it in english but I can deal with captioned.
  3. I should also I add I really do like her design.
  4. I detest using last names with people, I don't really know why either. Part of me feels it's disrespectful, as though I consider them nothing more than a professional aquaintence rather than an actual friend. But that's only a part of me, the rest has absolutely no answer as to why I dislike it.
  5. I'd consider myself a temporary neutral as my oppinion of things changes all the time. I only care about things that could affect life as we know it, though on the above topic, I feel like some people dislike "Neutrals" because they feel they are lazy and add nothing to society. Your voice isn't needed to add to society, just being in a working enviornment can contribute as well. Personally I think people worry too much about politics and economy nonsense and not enough about actually doing anything productive. Sure we need people to yell at eachother in a room until a problem is solved, but we also need people working towards fixing that problem with their sweat and blood so to speak.
  6. I like her in terms of roleplay because she has practically NO character, it's easy to work with and mend to one's whims. Giving characters personality when they have little to none is rather fun, at least in my oppinion.
  7. If they do become friends within the show, I feel like it might be due to some form of drastic event or epiphany brought on by words said or actions taken. For instance, maybe she becomes an outcast due to behaviour and all she has to turn to are the CMC. I imagine maybe one or two of them would be all like "Oh well she was always mean to us, why should we help her?" while one is going to say "Because it's what would be right and/or just."
  8. Today I'm kind of between "Mother changeling" and "Dark horse", It's been both as of this morning.
  9. I once went to school on two days without sleep, I ended up passing out in gym. Like, they just let me sleep on the gym floor for about an hour before sending me home.
  10. These are all quite proffesionally done! Though a bit disapointed to not see one for the Queen.
  11. I was just posting this in question as to who might partake in skype roleplay or have some interesting groups to share? I'm always looking to expand my skype list, but in this circumstance I'm just curious what kind of groups are going on and who might roleplay.
  12. I feel like music in this fandom is a bit underpracticed. While yes you can find quite a few diamonds in the dirt, there are some that honestly have much more room to improve. In my oppinion, artists like TheLivingTombstone REALLY could use the time to improve. I'm not saying he's bad, I'm just saying he's the skrillex of the brony fandom and he needs a wider range of sounds to work with. Maybe he could use the resoruces provided by lapfoxtrax? I think he could probably do something good with that. Outside of music, fanfiction. That's all I have to say. Fanfiction has a bad rep in a lot of places simply due to the ill-composed. I'm not trying to put anyone down but when it comes down to the brass and tacks there's the well composed and the ill-composed. One is more the majority than the other.
  13. Personally I wouldn't call it funny in general, but I have to say it DOES have it's moments.
  14. It really depends on my mood, sometimes I get extremely plagued with anxiety and obliterate it out of this plane of existance, and sometimes I just get a cup and let it outside. That's if it's nothing that can bite me, of course.