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  1. Forum : No Pony ATM Pony : Princess Twilight Sparkle IRL : Katie, she's the gorgeous blonde that works at a place people "build Bears" Also is finishing up her last semester of Nursing school.
  2. been playing Kingdoms of Amalur on PS3 but I am just biding my time for Splatoon on Wii U
  3. This might be old hat and many here may or may no know of my longest running Waifu.
  4. I've never been one for ANY alcoholic beverage Coffee Tea smells really good but it seems to me to have no flavor.
  5. Well, i was in a Historical fencing group for 5 years before it disbanded due to politics in leadership.
  6. This is some Jeff Foxworthy level stuff right here. I gotta say that my strangest injury is when I almost cut off my finger in a Sword Fight. I had severed the tendons in my pointer finger and was in a brace for 2 months and had 7 Stitches. took me another month to be able to use my right hand correctly again. Almost decked the doctor in the rehab office when he bent my finger.
  7. My favorite online comic just made the jump from web-only to it's first print edition. It's Sunstone on Deviantart by Shiniez! FYI this is an 18+ story. I adore this little side project that Nebezial started with just two characters to get over an art slump. So please check it out if you choose too. I wont provide a link considering the content but It should not be hard to find it with the info given above.
  8. I've never been much for Minecraft, I know it's super popular and you can build really cool things. but I don't find much fun in this type of game. I love my grand adventure to save the world type games.
  9. I have 2 3DS Smash codes Does anybody want them? I apparently have no friends that want them. P.M. me if you want 1
  10. To be honest once the big fight with Fate started I just started to skim through the chapters until the fight was over. then whole thing with Asuna happened then the rushed ending with every bloody character and crappy epilog for Konoka and Setsuna with them marrying in 2017 but then Secchan disappears into space? WTF? Where at any time does Setsuna seem to want to go into space. Did we read the same comic? I don't think so. True Ending! Then there was Chisame who was becoming a favorite of mine then just turned back to being a Hikikomori? What...I don't even. then they had the gall to create that silly sequel. I won't read it any more. I don't even care for Negi anymore. I like him in the beginning when he was fun then he went through that whole Fate thing and He just became.... Boring? I'm not sure if that is the right term but I still do like Evangeline A.K. McDowell
  11. I'm gonna vote for Link because he's a an Elf which is awesome and he has a sword. What is better than a sword fighting elf! I'm gonna vote for Link because he's a an Elf which is awesome and he has a sword. What is better than a sword fighting elf!
  12. Okay, here we go. First off I look forward to the new StarFoxU in 2015! I have beaten SF64, loved StarFox Adventures on the GameCube. Then onto StarFox Assault later I had a lot of fun with the On-Foot missions as well as the Arwing missions. I guess I am one of the lonely few that actually LIKED StarFox Command on the DS, but to each their own. I have the original Snes StarFox but right before I got to play it my Snes died and I never had the chance to get a new one so I own the cartridge but have yet to play the game. (I won't touch emulators) so hopefully Ninty will put it on a VC at some point so I can play it. So let me wrap this up and ask a quick question. What one specific item or plot would you like to see in the 2015 release of StarFox U? I know I'd like a certain blue furred vixen to make a comeback.
  13. No i can think of other things to spend my money on.
  14. I think the last game that was close to a shooter I played was Conker's Bad Fur Day on the N64.
  15. I do so love the NC but AVGN gets a bypass from me. I love watching parody and video's Ripping on bad and/or good movies. NC does this well but I just never found AVGN to be interesting or funny. I do so like the BlockBusterBuster his video about BloodRayne was hilarious.