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  1. I named my OC Fifth Element because of his special talent! Fifth is an elementalist, and so I thought it proper that as someone who brings the four classical elements together into something greater, the sum greater than the parts, he should be the "Fifth Element." Also before you ask, no, it's not based off the movie with the same name.
  2. I can't even begin to describe how close Rainbow Dash and I are. We're both really proud, highly competitive, think ourselves the best at everything, have a need for winning at any cost, even if it means... "bending" the rules a bit... but most importantly, all of my friends have described me as being very loyal. There's no question in my mind that Dash and I are realy relatable. I can't say that I'm as sporty as her, but I otherwise am really competitive with what I do. Interest-wise, we're kind of opposites. But personality wise, well, we are both really awesome. She's my favorite pony of all time, and for good reason to boot!
  3. When you're drawing, make sure that you rotate the head along with the face when the subject is looking over to the side. The second drawing, of the policeman, has his face turned to the side, but his head appears to continue facing forward. I think your third image is rather well done, you seem to have a good mastery of drawing someone from the side, but the problem is that this is a very flat view, and doesn't accurately reflect most poses (such as a 2/3rds rotation of the head, like you have in the first image.) The toughest thing I've seen people have had to cope with when drawing humans are feet and hands. I would recommend practicing those more if you can. Practice, practice, practice! It seems like a decently good start so far, so just keep on going.
  4. Yes indeed, though I'm a bit loathe to admit it, as I generally don't like to ship. My character Fifth has been in a relationship with another pony called Aurora Nova from a few RPs that I've done with a friend.
  5. I think an argument can be made that Spike is a main character in the way that the CMC are main characters, but not the primary Mane Six. Spike and CMC all get episodes of their own, but they are definitely left out when it comes to saving the day and that sort of thing. So I think it would be more proper to leave Spike at second-tier. If anything, I could make the argument that Sunset Shimmer has more of a claim to being a 7th main character over Spike, given that she HAS been instrumental in the Mane Six's figth against evil.
  6. My responses are pretty similar to what most people have said here: gape in stunned silence, letting her sleep and then talking to her after she woke up about how she got there and that sort of thing. Then I'd ask if I could trade her in for Rainbow Dash.
  7. Personally I don't think she's the right kind of villain to be superpowered as an alicorn. As Cornered Bystander said above me, she's more subtle with her scheming. Besides, even if they do make another alicorn, it's gotta be Sunset Shimmer first. She at the very least deserves it.
  8. I looked through their YT page, but saw nothing like it. The search continues!
  9. You sound a lot like Twilight, I have to say. At least, before she moved to Ponyville. Had a closed group of friends, but other than that took school too seriously, and definitely a nerdy purple pony. I'm willing to be my bits that she's your favorite pony for those reasons, right?
  10. I'm sure this thread has been posted multiple times, but I figured to give it a new kick start! Anypony here play MTG? What kinds of formats do you like to play? What's your favorite color (or color combination) to play? As for me, I like Commander, and my favorite color combo is UWR, or Jeskai/America. Hoping to chat Magic with anyone here!
  11. Hi there, and welcome! c: I hope you have an awesome time here~ B)

    1. Fifth Element

      Fifth Element

      Thanks! That's a super cute Dashie!

  12. Is there a way to search for people you might know on here?
  13. I wonder if any company here is gathering marketing knowledge about our computer/browser/OS/phone preferences.... hmm. At any rate, recent Win 10 upgrader here! Gotta say I like it so far. Though I definitely miss the Aero look that Windows 7 had as a theme. Just like the guy above me, I have a custom built desktop whose parts I may consider slowly upgrading, since they're a few years old at this point. Firefox and Android, and Firefox on my Android. Good stuff all around.
  14. I found this song a few years back that I am pretty sure (about 90% or so) is pony related. At almost nine minutes in length, featuring extensive orchestral and rock elements, this song is one of my favorites. Problem is, I didn't get who wrote/made/uploaded this song, and the only thing I have to go on it are its apparent name, which are the letters "FLBE." I have no idea what it stands for, or anything. I've tried asking close friends and other musicians I know, to no avail. Anyone want to take a guess at what this song's source may be? Or point me to a way to finding out more about it? It's attached below. Any help would be appreciated, thanks! FLBE.MP3