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  1. I love beards, and I'm trying really hard to grow one myself. Right now I'm pretty much stuck at a group of hairs on my chin and a very small soul patch. My mustache is coming in okay though. I'd say in about five years time I'll have a decent goatee.
  2. What's up? Alright, so I'm currently in the works on this short story right, and I've begun drafting it. I need some peeps to read it and give me some feedback on it. Title: Unquiet Quiet (the title of the first chapter is the title of the whole story) Premise: A kid is home alone in the 80's (lel not during Christmas), the power goes out, and he has to turn it back on. And yep, there's a creature stalking him. I know it sounds very generic, but there's a lot more going on that I don't need to mention. In any case, the story's done, and I mainly need some feedback on the writing of it. Just let me know what you like, dont like, whatevs. I know it's short, but its a short story. Chapter1.docx
  3. It fluctuates really. Like for the past few weeks, I've been drinking about a can a day. But then there's times where I go like months without drinking any. I love soda, though. Pepsi and Coke are both amazing, and Dr. Pepper sucks. At least we're not drinking energy drinks. No shit, those things'll give you kidney stones. There was a study done recently that found a butt load of teens and young adults who were drinking like a can of energy drink a day were getting kidney stones. Crazy, huh? Especially considering kidney stones are something that people shouldn't be getting until like age 60 or so. I personally hate energy drinks, and find anyone who can drink a can a day an idiot. But I digress.
  4. Oh yeah, I've seen ponies with beards. Like old ones, and Jeff Letrotski.
  5. I can say that, in my personal opinion, I feel reformation can be excellent if handled well. There're definitely villains who should NEVER even have a chance at redemption, whilst others are better off being redeemed. I think it's really just situational. I do, however, feel like they should lay off of it for a while, before things get too crazy.
  6. I'm loving the goatee bro, looks sweet.
  7. I like Spike. I think he's the butt of a few too many jokes though. And he could use some more legit screen time. I enjoy most of his exploits though.
  8. I just got a new Fluttershy plush, and I've slept with it every night. I love cuddling with it. No joke though, it really does help me sleep. Also, I am a supporter of communism and am obsessed with Soviet Union paraphernalia.
  9. I'd call Luna. She seems like somepony who could use a friendly chat every now and then. As for what we'd talk about, probably just chill stuff; like Fallout 4 and pizza and junk.
  10. I love both. I love both with a burning passion. There's a certain magic to both, and I consider them both my favorite foods. I love them.
  11. Whole lotta rewatching, WHOLE lotta fanfiction. And some side work on a few novellas I plan on sending to some publishers next year. Maybe some cooking, who knows.
  12. Shreksbox 360 Gamertag: RetroBakon (how surprised are you tho?) I don't have Live very often, but when I do, I enjoy playing COD:Blops2, Halo 3 (lel who's still playing that?), Battlefield 3, and a buttload of other stuff like Skyrim, Alien: Isolation, and lot's o' crap. Just be wary of adding me, I may not do anything about it for a while...laaaaziness.....
  13. I love bowling. That's a sport. but srsly i do play bowling, and am quite decent at it