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  1. retrobakon

    Do you have a beard? Do you like beards?

    I love beards, and I'm trying really hard to grow one myself. Right now I'm pretty much stuck at a group of hairs on my chin and a very small soul patch. My mustache is coming in okay though. I'd say in about five years time I'll have a decent goatee.
  2. What's up? Alright, so I'm currently in the works on this short story right, and I've begun drafting it. I need some peeps to read it and give me some feedback on it. Title: Unquiet Quiet (the title of the first chapter is the title of the whole story) Premise: A kid is home alone in the 80's (lel not during Christmas), the power goes out, and he has to turn it back on. And yep, there's a creature stalking him. I know it sounds very generic, but there's a lot more going on that I don't need to mention. In any case, the story's done, and I mainly need some feedback on the writing of it. Just let me know what you like, dont like, whatevs. I know it's short, but its a short story. Chapter1.docx
  3. retrobakon

    How often do you drink pop / soda?

    It fluctuates really. Like for the past few weeks, I've been drinking about a can a day. But then there's times where I go like months without drinking any. I love soda, though. Pepsi and Coke are both amazing, and Dr. Pepper sucks. At least we're not drinking energy drinks. No shit, those things'll give you kidney stones. There was a study done recently that found a butt load of teens and young adults who were drinking like a can of energy drink a day were getting kidney stones. Crazy, huh? Especially considering kidney stones are something that people shouldn't be getting until like age 60 or so. I personally hate energy drinks, and find anyone who can drink a can a day an idiot. But I digress.
  4. retrobakon

    My first OC

    Oh yeah, I've seen ponies with beards. Like old ones, and Jeff Letrotski.
  5. I can say that, in my personal opinion, I feel reformation can be excellent if handled well. There're definitely villains who should NEVER even have a chance at redemption, whilst others are better off being redeemed. I think it's really just situational. I do, however, feel like they should lay off of it for a while, before things get too crazy.
  6. retrobakon

    My first OC

    I'm loving the goatee bro, looks sweet.
  7. retrobakon

    You like spike?

    I like Spike. I think he's the butt of a few too many jokes though. And he could use some more legit screen time. I enjoy most of his exploits though.
  8. retrobakon

    Confession Time!

    I just got a new Fluttershy plush, and I've slept with it every night. I love cuddling with it. No joke though, it really does help me sleep. Also, I am a supporter of communism and am obsessed with Soviet Union paraphernalia.
  9. retrobakon

    Phone Call to Equestria

    I'd call Luna. She seems like somepony who could use a friendly chat every now and then. As for what we'd talk about, probably just chill stuff; like Fallout 4 and pizza and junk.
  10. retrobakon

    Pizza or Burgers?

    I love both. I love both with a burning passion. There's a certain magic to both, and I consider them both my favorite foods. I love them.
  11. retrobakon

    Plans for Season 6 wait?

    Whole lotta rewatching, WHOLE lotta fanfiction. And some side work on a few novellas I plan on sending to some publishers next year. Maybe some cooking, who knows.
  12. Shreksbox 360 Gamertag: RetroBakon (how surprised are you tho?) I don't have Live very often, but when I do, I enjoy playing COD:Blops2, Halo 3 (lel who's still playing that?), Battlefield 3, and a buttload of other stuff like Skyrim, Alien: Isolation, and lot's o' crap. Just be wary of adding me, I may not do anything about it for a while...laaaaziness.....
  13. retrobakon

    Sports Bronies

    I love bowling. That's a sport. but srsly i do play bowling, and am quite decent at it
  14. Rick Astley's Never Gonna Give You Up got me into the Rick Astley genre. I seriously consider his music its own genre, don't ask why. Just know that I had his entire Greatest Hits album on my iPod, that is before i broke it...
  15. retrobakon

    Which species is better? Pegasus, or Unicorn?

    I don't really think either is better than the other. Pegasi have the ability to fly, which obviously allows them to cover great distances and scout fairly well. Plus they can do a limited number of things with their wings. Unicorns have access to magic, which is in itself a vague concept in the show. Some unicorns use only a specific type of magic, and others specialize in a wide array of magic. Whether it's teleporting or levitation, magic can be used to overcome a wide variety of obstacles. I'd have to say that whether one race is "better" than another, it'd have to depend on the situation and context of what you're talking about. For instance, a unicorn may have the ability to transform an enemy's weapon into something non lethal. A pegasus may be able cross a large canyon with no trouble. Then there are situations where both races' attributes could solve the same problem; a unicorn may teleport around a huge boulder, while a pegasus may simply fly over it. The point is, both races have their strengths and weaknesses; however, we can all agree an Earth Pony would have much more trouble with that boulder. That is, unless that pony is Maud....