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  1. myself because nobody will choose me if I don't...
  2. A Pinkie Spy in the base?! PROTECT THE PARTY!
  3. Hello, I need stupid or funny pony gif for... homework.

    And by homework, I mean this:

  4. I use it everywhere, even on discord with my classmates. The only place where I got insulted by it, is on Steam, but it's because of stereotypical names, like "brony" "cartoon pony lover" "hooves fetishist" and so on... (I just love using stereotypes)
  5. No one creepy has ever flirt with me. No one has ever flirt with me. If someone will flirt with me, I do believe I'll be the creepy guy in the story.
  6. The power to have specific boosts (speed, accuracy, intelligence...) based on the music you're currently listening.
  7. Do it takes the real life you, or the internet you? real life you, no way. internet you, maybe, but the TJ Henry Yoshi has been polluted with all of the half of a A-Press meme.
  8. People that don't understand something will not try to understand it and just join a side (normally the one who show the most negativity upon the other side) and just scream.
  9. The virus is my fault, I wanted to play animal crossing, borderlands 3 and half life alyx without interruption and the virus was created.

    Monkey's paw bullcrap.

  10. I build my PC myself, with a I5-7600 and a GTX 1060 6GB 16GB of RAM! Made to be a good PC gaming and can keep up with VR games. I'm so happy of my baby.
  11. I dreamed of me being Incineroar from Pokémon fighting Richter Belmont in a Super Smash Bros battle while being at Sawmill from Team Fortress 2.

    I dodge every spammy projectiles he threw at me, everybody was running away from the fight while kicking the sh*t out of him.

    I wake up, shaking like being injected with adrenaline and with a big smile on my face.

    It was a good dream.

    1. Photon Jet

      Photon Jet

      I'm guessing you know who your main is now.

    2. A French Derpy full of Salt

      A French Derpy full of Salt

      It always been my main, but it's been a while since I've played it.

  12. With my WiFi connection, I can only download at 1.2MB/s and upload at 350KB/s estimated by steam and discord. Luckily, I can use my phone's data to go at 3.5MB/s.
  13. You'll never believed what I saw in SteamVR, a MLP figurine of Twilly at the Valve place:



    That was quite the surprise.

  14. It's awesome being yourself, it's what's around you that sucks.

  15. I was banned at a forum once because I was searching for friends to talk/play. There were no rules against it.
  16. A word that now no longer means "trying to be cool by being violent ECT." But is now a word that annoying internet gooers type when they see anything negative they don't like Guy: I've been diagnosed with depression, and I don't want to live anymore Other guy: you're so edgy
  17. I've been kicked out of 5 servers by my own team for cheating/hacking in Team Fortress 2.

    It has been a good day.

  18. I am Captain Gordon Freeman of the Intergalactic House of Pancakes ordering you to open!
  19. When they invented the atomic bomb they were afraid it was going to catch the atmosphere on fire and burn up the whole Earth, but they did it anyway. That took balls. Not us, though. The only people taking the risks were the ones who didn't understand them in the first place. We're not brave, we're just stupid.

  20. I still remember Re:Volt CARNIVAL as the name to unlock all vehicles.
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