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  1. Typing. I type way faster than I write and I don't have to worry about me erasing and making a mess. Even with a pencil lol
  2. Depends on what's going on during the night. I'm used to staying up a lot since I'm more productive due to no noise for one. Typically I'll stay up till 5AM and wake up around 1pm. During college, this helped me juggle my projects (which were abundant, lots and lots of art projects) by staying up and finishing them after I crashed coming home. Classes at 8AM are just evil. I can easily adjust my sleeping pattern, it's just right now I don't need to.
  3. I don't want kids. I prefer to take care of cats and other animals and give them homes.
  4. Sia - Rainbow from the 2017 MLP Movie.
  5. Need For Speed 3 Midnight Club 3 Burnout: Takedown Gallop Racer 2003
  6. All of the big boss fights on Okami for PS2. Just talking about it makes me want to replay it for the twenty-second time lol
  7. Sure do, especially brushing it right after I wake up even though I'm at home a lot working. I just feel incomplete without doing that. I use a shampoo and conditioner set that doesn't harm your hair nor foam, it's perfectly natural and great for my hair.
  8. Rock it out, dance it out, dress what you want, put on wigs if you want, be colorful, be a mystery, be monochrome. Whatever you choose, it's only what you feel inside that matters.
  9. I will eat any fried chicken. More points with mashed potatoes and gravy.
  10. The most trouble I got was getting detention for simply saying "No I don't want to" when my disability teacher in 8th grade (middle school here in the States) wanted me to take a message to another teacher. My teacher knew that I didn't like going to places I wasn't comfortable with. I was terrified by being looked at, being judged, etc., She pulled the guilt trip card, threatening me with detention. I still said no. My mother raised me well by telling me stand up for myself which I always do when I don't feel like something is justified. I will never understand trying to force a student who you know has social anxiety and punishing them with a detention isn't a solution. Even the teacher who held it [detention hall] was so shocked and miffed by why I was written up. I felt out of place but I knew people in there so it wasn't all that bad. I just drew horses after I finished the paper worksheet that I recall having "why are you here, what will you do to improve." My parents were furious and contacted the school after I told them. The teacher got the gist and didn't ask me ever again.
  11. Camyza


    @Bas I figured when I tried to edit it when I first signed up, took me back to the older times having to gain posts to rank up lol Thank you for the help though! @Totally Lyra Thank you and hopefully soon! I have some pixels I need to finish. @lyrabetes3939 Thank you!
  12. Custom built with my dad two years ago. He built the older computer that I had but I took the initiative to upgrade by choosing the products since my work required it. We spent two days after we moved in the apartment before I finally used it after we moved in Feburary of last year. Motherboards still freak me out to touch but dang, is it beautiful and so fast. Case: Corsair Obsidian Series™ 350D Micro ATX PC Case MOBO: Asus RGB Z170 Pro Gaming CPU: Intel Core i5-7600K 3.8-GHZ 4CPUs Hyper 212 EVO - CPU Cooler with 120mm PWM Fan GPU: NVidia GeForce GTX 660 Corsair DDR4 32GB RAM WD Black 2TB HDD ASUS Blu-ray/DVD/CD Windows 7 Pro 64bit
  13. I still look like a teen (I'm 30) and my height doesn't help either. I stand 5'2" still, just as I did years ago in High School. I get a kick out of it when people ask me about school. "I'm 30." "NO WAY!" My favorite is asking those in theme parks, they always guess wrong xD
  14. I don't work by the hour since I can charge by my art by the quality rather than the time it takes (which is impossible since I work too fast lol).