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Movies/TV any bronys like the tv show beyond belief or unsolved mysterys

Luna 831

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Definitely liked Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction. It has some really good poignant stories, but the plot-lines were lazy to the point where you could tell whether or not it's true or false. Sometimes, it makes me want to go the the writing office and wake them up. 



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Yea some of the storys were a little predictable. Some of the early season's on both shows had chilling episodes



unsolved mystery theme



this show is awsome must see it

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I've heard of Unsolved Mystereies, never watched it, though, I like shows like Destination Truth, Fact or Faked, and Ghost Hunters.

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Well these shows thst this topic was about were the shows that started it all

here are some other ones


especaliy this one about a ghost who saves a mans life


here are some more clips to show how awsome this show is.




rember to some of the ones i posted are fact.



remember these are based on true storys.

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Some yes some no but I am a little obsessed in all honesty  :lol:


I don't really watch many cartoons but MLP took my liking and I'm not leaving anytime soon.


but yes I do also like the stuff.

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I loved the Show as a kid, i think it was even the first Horror Media i ever watched.


I always watched it in secret, because i was not supposed to.  :please:

But, the Episode with the Woman that sees herself in the Mirror as a Monster, scared me a lot as a Kid.

I had nightmares after that in which i saw myself as a Monster to...i shouldnt have watched that Episode as a Kid. :rarity:

Other Episodes that scared me were the Episode with the Cursed Chair and the one Episode with the red eyes.

I also got scared from a Still Image, in which a dead guy i think, was laying ( is tis the right word? ) in a bunch of hay.

Im not sure if i saw the Episode, i only saw that Image at the end of an Episode, when they say which Storys were real or not.

I know, that Beyond Believe was so popular in Europe, that they started to call other Shows similar, but i have never watched any of the unrelated Series.

I have no idea what the other Series is, that you named.  :wacko: Guess i never watched it.

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I watched Unsolved Mysteries all the time. It came on before X-Files on a different channel. It always set the mood for that show. Unsolved Mysteries was also super creepy at times when it aired episodes highlighting ghosts, people suddenly disappearing from the camera, and UFO sightings. For a long time, whenever something was misplaced or moved slightly, i would think it was a ghost.

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