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How Many OCs Do You Have?


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I've got 25, tbh, but ill just give a few:



  • Timaeus,
  • Ironwing Paguseus,
  • Alteros,
  • Titannus,
  • Xensus,
  • Khaoios,
  • Tyrannus


  • Typhon
  • Tycoon
  • Spectra
  • Bronze Compass


  • Thunderwing
  • Far Discovery
  • Brave Voyager
  • Amplitude
  • StoneColt Jackson


  • Iron Clad
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I got 2 primary OCs: Silhouette Dusk, the previous ruler of Equestria seeking to regain her throne from Celestia, and her husband Proxy, the forlorn son of Chrysalis and Tirek, who maintained the remnants of the old Equestrian empire during her banishment.


There's Proxy's associates, his earth pony maid, Tanto Cure, his unicorn secretary, Clear Meetings, and his Thestral second in command, Cap. Kevlar Thread.  


There's Imperitrix, Sovereign of the changeling race, ancestor of Chrysalis, and the direct opposition to Discord, representing complete rigidity and control, viewing the changeling race as instruments to harvest the potential of life itself though forcing total order onto the world.


Then there's ponified versions of my other characters, such as Day Breaker, a famous human who underwent conversion in the TCB universe, only to gain new attention in both worlds as the first Thestral Alicorn.   


There are others that exist for reference or because I'm not sure what to do with, like Crescent and Prominence, Dusk's mother and father, or Hard Luck, my ale drinking, Thin Lizzy loving, Irish themed pegasus guard sent to protect Twilight.

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at this point, I've created something like 9 oc's but really

I've only held onto my second most recent Porcelain Rose

who's my icon.


idk I have ideas for pon oc's but I never really grow attached

so I mostly end up selling them OOPS;;


THOUGH I do have a ponysona flying around in the back of my mind

who I haven't quite brought to life yet~


and btw @@PeachPalette you're oc's just the the cutest!!

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I have a few, only one documented.

A lot of these only exist for storytelling though :P

(lot less than I thought but then again, I like to include other people's OC in my writing :P



  • "Burning" Hyper Bastion (my account OC and the only one documented)


  • Eice (Best friend to Hyper)


  • Griffin (Commander of the Royal guard during Discord's reign of power)


  • Princess Necra (Ruler of the "pass" AKA the afterlife)


Rp OC's one, but fanfic oc's as many as I need/want/need to define what an oc is.


Is the merchant whose wares are ruined an OC?

Probably just stick with the characters that you stick by for quite a while and develop throughout the story, those who come and go I don't think fall into a OC category and more of just a background character.

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Well, for pony OCs I only have the one. Makes her feel all the more special, and allows me to put far more effort into her character (I currently have a 10 page bio on her I am working on making more manageable). Her name is Vera, and she is a dirty mud pone lol.


As for human OCs, I have quite a few. I think including my 40k ones it is somewere around 50 or so.

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I only have one pony OC called Paint Brush. I really want the chance to use her more, but I haven't. Paint Brush has a disability of some sorts where her magic malfunctions when performing moderate to advanced spells, which usually results in her magic "exploding". She can perform basic spells like levitation, but even spells like that malfunction when used for a long period of time. Because of that, she uses her magic as an advantage to help her what she loves doing the most, painting. Here is what she looks like.




Like I said, this is my only pony OC, and I don't think I would be creating any more. On the subject on pony OCs, is it me or do I see a lot of pegasus OCs that have their wings treated like a prop and not something that could aid them in their talents?


I'll also say that I have a lot of Pokémon FCs (fancharacters), but that's a different story.


you should only have one OC because they are suppose to be your likes and personality put into a pony

so I only have one


Close. You're actually talking about a ponysona, which is kind of like you, only in form of a pony. Similar hobbies, similar personalities, similar backstories and so on. With OCs, you can do much more with it, which I think gives more potential to the OC instead of making it as a copy of yourself. :P

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I only have Pony OC's.


I have six main OC's, two Alicorns, and four other characters I'm still developing.


So...12! ^_^


14 if you count both my Ponysonas. (I organized my personality into two to keep specific traits with one or the other)

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If we're going with ponies, I have...

1. Sound Off
2. Aria Melody
3. Cherry Sweets
4. Purebright
5. Summer Song
6. Princess Darkness (Joke Character)
7. Potato (Joke Character)


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Meh not a lot maybe the number of 9 


Pegasus : 

Rain chaser 

Flare flicker (a wonderbolts captain) 

Arabian thunder 


earth pony: 

silver gunner 

Brave soul 

Desert guardian 


My Russian ocs: 

Red star 

The red menace 


Evil oc: 

wretched sin

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