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Things you want to do before turning 30?


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I'll be 30 next year and my wishes and goals for this remaining time are:


- Cosplaying

- Finding love

- Disguising for Halloween after years of not doing it (this coming will be the last from my 20's)

- Make lots of friends at cons

- Going to class again

- Being in a group with lots of fun and cool people


I know I have not too much time remaining :( but I hope I can accomplish as much as I can :D


So, what are yours?

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-Get my driver's license

-Fall in love and get a girlfriend

-Get my own place to live


-Get a decent job

-Go to college

-Travel to different places

-Do something with music

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Ouch. I turned 30 in 2007.





You had to go and remind me ... I still haven't moved to Montana, run for local office, taken an Alaskan cruise, or gotten a tattoo.




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First and foremost would be to pay off my current debt. I only have debt cause I wanted to move in with my girlfriend. Totally worth it.


After that I would like to get my own place with my Girlfriend, instead of living with her parents. Looking to move to Orlando, as that will help with the next objective on this list.


Next would be to become a Voice Actor. I was actually just thinking about this at work a couple days ago. My exact thought was that I wanted to achieve this goal before I turned thirty.


Other than that? I don't have anything else just yet. Those goals come first, anything else I'll think about afterwards. I've got about six and a half years to go. I think I can manage it all.

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...thanks for making me feel old.  I'm 31, and still have yet to meet some of my goals.


Finish college

Get married

Meet Brent Spiner

Travel to one of these countries/areas: Japan, Israel, Scotland, Brazil

Attend A-kon


Other things that I'd like to do/see before I die:

Become an English teacher at a high school or college/university

See the Detroit Lions and the Cleveland Browns reach the Super Bowl (together is not necessary)

Have a second son, and a first daughter

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Hmmm... I'd like to:


  • Travel to places across the sea such as Ireland and Japan.
  • Go to a Con
  • Be able to drive
  • Go to college
  • Have a successful career (lel)
  • Meet Josh Hutcherson (Don't make fun of me)  :derp:
  • Be able to create my own music in the electronic/dubstep field. c:
  • Speak Japanese fluently >u<
  • Move to a different state... like South Carolina or~ Massachusetts.
  • Have a YouTube channel of some sort. 
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-Graduate College

-Start collecting Electric Model (Bachmann/Hornby) Thomas trains.

-Buy my own house

-Get a driver's license and car

-Take a vacation at Great Britain

-Become a popular Youtube TV Show/Game Reviewer

-Collect EVERY Pre-Season 9/Post-Season 16 Thomas VHS/DVD/Blu-Ray EVAR.

-Get into console and computer programming.

-Get the Thomas Wooden Railway SAWMILL AND DUMPING DEPOT

-Collect EVERY My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Season



Well, I'm 13, so..



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I'll be 24 in October so I've got some time but I want to move out of my mom's house and be able to sustain myself for a long period of time. I would also prefer to live on my own but I likely won't be able to afford that for a loooong time so I'll probably need roommates.

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-Jump a RV driving another RV.

-Lawnmower jousting

-Join a demolition derby

-Dress up as my ponysona in a saucy manner

-Build a computer with excessive gaming capabilities

-Go to Bronycon and repeat fourth step

-Play a guitar and the harmonica

-Eat a Krispy Kreme doughnut burger.

-Own a mechanical mule


I have many things on my mind, many things.

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- cosplay

- go to a convention

- learn Japanese

- throw a penny off the Empire State Building at someone

- get married

- have a 24 hour marathon of video games

- learn german

well I guess that's all I can think of off the top of my head

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Destroy the World

Time Travel

Fight myself to save the World. 

Time Travel and tell myself the above are stupid ideas

Be normal and ask for the usual before 30 stuff. :P


Be happy and find somebody I guess.

Oh, and lose weight. I'm winning but its not going without a fight :P

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Get my masters.

Write a novella/novel/short story collection/SOMETHING.

Get a tattoo.

Get married.

Get some sort of award or recognition for teaching.

Go to Disney World.

Take a trip outside the US for the first time.

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Currently my big goal is to build a livelihood for myself. I want to graduate college, get a job and eventually move into a nice house when everything is stabilized. I aim to have all this done by the time I'm about 27 or 28. Finding the love of my life might take a bit longer, it really just happens when it happens.

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I have less than a year to get this shit done. However, rather than having things I want to do, I'd rather be happy.


So far, I'm pretty on the mark.

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Go to a con. Cosplay as Alucard.




Sorry ... by the Rule of Alucard ... I was obligated to post this. Bonus points if you get a Rune Sword done.

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