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Alright guys. I, The Crimson Cross have decided to have a counting game of my own. Muahahahaa!!!!
The rules with this one aren't so simple. At times I'll be counting with you, I'll boost you and subtract you. I'll even give you choices at certain times. So in other words, the rules are entirely dependant upon what I choose! So, expect the worse from me because things will certainly get whacky!
Consider it to be like a game of snakes and ladders, except I am the evil overlord watching over you... petting my cat in all glory.. Yes. That's right I will manipulate you and toy with you at certain times.
So without further adieu! Let the counting Commence!!

-5 points for each incorrect answer.

-5 points if a negative counter answers the question correctly.

There are no penalties for a negative counter guessing the incorrect answer.


List of Negative Counters:

@Ashley (Not SCS)~ The Quiz Master

@Lightwing (Sea Swirl)~ Can -5 points to the score every 1 hour.




Positive Counters: 14

Negative Counters: 6

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That's what I tried to implement near the start of my counting game, but others didn't like the idea. HYPOCRISY!


Anyway, I support it. It's either go back to 0 or something else, and it's not easy for 'something else' to be the worse option there.



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Quiz time:


What is my favourite type of tea?


If you get this question wrong, I will deal out -5 points, though if you get it right, you'll get +5 points, if you choose to pass, your score will stay the same. The same goes with any quiz related scenario. The first response will only be counted! 

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I'd bet you thought that was a wise decision, It certainly led to no decrease in your count. I had a feeling that question was going to be passed. Ah yes, and for the record my favourite tea is "Earl Grey". 


I suppose you'll lose no points for now, but I'll +1 to the score.



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Glad to hear it Ashley, now you've just stepped into my domain.


Luckily, I have a limited offer, seeing as I'm not seeing much action as of recently,

I'll give you all +1 for each post. This means that instead of normally counting by 1, you can count by twos if you wish. 


So if the score was 19, you'd count to 21.


I'll choose to keep our score the same.




[+1 bonus has begun.]

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I have counted and participated in this little machination for we all know every number must be derived from the meaning of life. (I stopped doing calculus in college, you won't get a derivative outta me. Now a story, that's a different story)

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