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Moving on is something I don't do, but I am easy to leave behind and it kind of gets to me. Identifying putting in the effort to try and make friends with people who really don't care about me whatsoever is a flaw of mine, and something I'm currently working on.

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The specific way "that" I verbalize myself that makes me appear very cold and unfeeling, I mean I'm not stupid, I know how to talk buttery and look nice online, I know a lot of people are online to construct a persona and establish a social presence they often times can't in the real world, but I don't like how I don't use measures of reassurance in my statements to seem less biased, I mean i guess I should just say I don't like how hard it is for me to form genuine friendships... bc I think it would be disingenuous if I tried to be neutrally reassuring every time I stated a social, moral or political opinion, that's just not how life works, a lot of people say, "now I'm not trying to seem biased" as if something like that will lighten the blow of a biased statement, or "I'm not trying to take sides" when they are clearly taking sides and they believe that inserting these little passive deterrent quips some how make them the morally righteous party or some how portrays them as a more understanding party when they proceed to give their clearly biased perspective... I just think it seems disingenuous and failing to do phony things like this has me stuck looking like an abrasive, egotistical jerk and not an individual that's had their own experiences and has both subjective and objective reasons for having the opinions I do... Nah I'm just inherently heartless toward everyone because I'm trying to think about everyone, people have to pay closer attention to the things I say sometimes and realize that I'm actually trying to take multiple people's lives into account and not the feelings of very few....

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