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The Tree of Harmony

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So the Tree of Harmony is just sitting in the Everfree Forest, completely unprotected and open for anypony to just mess with it? I would've assumed there would be some level of protection with it, at least when they were elements Celestia had them locked away. I understand that the Everfree Forest gives some protection but any ole Pegasus can just fly above it (except Fluttershy, for some reason).

Dont you guys believe the Tree of Harmony should have some sort of security/protection and, if so, what kind/type?


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7 minutes ago, A.V. said:

Might want to ask the ghosts of the Mean 6 about that.

To be fair, they were only Stocks, not true changelings, but.. .yeah. The Tree has an insane amount of power when the Elements are present, and a will of its own...

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IIRC, not even Discord, the spirit of Chaos, could do much against the tree itself at full power. At this point I doubt it needs much protection.

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That's right, I guess that the Tree of Harmony is not just a mindless thing, it should have to sense if it's in a threat. However it's a kind of too easy thinking that in the last episode the Tree just protected itself from the Mean six, when the elements turned into completely back and then the Tree has also shifted into a darker color theme.
Anyway, your point is right at somewhere, a well talented mage can easily get into contact with it, and do some bad things (Starlight did it with some help at the map). My question would be that because everything has it's opposite, is there a Tree of Disharmony, or can be the Tree of Harmony be changed in it's opposite side? If so, the Ponies are in great danger, Chrysalis might find her way to do it.

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I think that only creatures with a strong representation of the elements can retrieve them from the tree, that's why Chrysalis' plan was doomed from the start and the mean 6 would have never been able to succeed.

As others have said, the Tree at nearly full power (without the elements) is too powerful even for Discord to target it directly. It seems to have a similar defense system as the Crystal Heart, but instead of needing an active refill of love, it strengthens itself passively absorbing the friendship in all of Equestria.

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It is an eldritch deity, old light, invasive and malignant. What we see is but a transient shell heralding its otherworldly presence. Only potent void or wild magic would be able to stop it from within the dream realm. The free world needs its heroes more than ever.


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