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What should I name him?

Shine Runner

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1 hour ago, Sparklefan1234 said:

@Shine Runner First off, cool "Old time" OC, My Friend! :pistachio:


My name suggestion is "Gallop Guffaw" since he looks like a clown like, @Emerald Heart said.

Thank you! That's not a bad name!

4 hours ago, Cagey said:

I just googled some comic-related words. 

  • Comedy Gold
  • Show Time
  • Splash Page
  • Speech Bubble
  • Last Panel

Yeah, but those are some great suggestions!

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2 hours ago, ShadOBabe said:

If you give him a sibling or costar character, you could call them Squash and Stretch, another animation technique.

That's a neat idea! I might do something like that, or at least write a good pun joke about it :}

1 hour ago, Windy Breeze said:

How about Fun Happy. 

"Happy" is a name I'm considering, but I'm not sold on it yet

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