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Slice of Life How to Hug Your Pegasis: Ten Years in Pony Fiction Writing

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Hello once again MLP Forums. :grin:

NavelColt here with another major fanfiction milestone. April marks my 10th year anniversary as an MLP fan, with June being my first published MLP story. It was a story called My Sister, Loyalty, and it explored the idea of Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo becoming surrogate sisters before it became canon on Sleepless in Ponyville.

I decided to write another story about sisters for my anniversary, except this time for Gen 5.

NavelColt.png(Click me~)

With Zipp and Pipp's relationship currently strained, the sky is the limit on how the comics, shows, and any future films may decide to bring them closer. Let's play ahead of the curve once again. :orly:

Art badge by Luximus17, and should you see me at Babscon you'll see it in person. :derp:

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