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So I visited some kind of convention for everything equine (beasts, equipment, vans...), accompanied by my mother. We saw horses and ponies on sale, watched shows; and I doodled ponies based on the real animals.

I'll be uploading the resulting sketches tomorrow, and photos ASAP. ;) For now, to cut it short, I'll put everything in stat format.



ART STATS - all was drawn in MLP style

2 sketches on the road (subway and shuttle)

3 "IRL behavior" doodles

1 attempt at a donkey head


FOOD STATS - for two

Lunch = 1 sandwich + 1 chicken salad + 2 bottles of orange energy drink

Snack = 2 hotdogs + 2 donuts + 1 waffle (for me)

Sweets = 2 cotton candies



2 half-hour-long waits (for the shuttle between sub station and convention)

2.5 additional hours spent on rides (subway + shuttle)

At least 100 animals seen (horses and ponies, at least 6 dogs on various duties, 2 donkeys, 1 goat)

At least 8 horses+ponies+donkey pet (4 heads scratched, 2 foreheads kissed and/or nuzzled)

2 bites on the right hand (by a normal-sized horse, then a dwarf donkey) *

Tonsa gifts, including 3 donkey-plush key rings

1 hotdog almost stolen by... a dog

~3 shows attended (2 boring dressage shows, 1 acrobatics session)


(*) I don't think they meant to hurt because otherwise, considering the animals' strength, they would've caused bleeding instead of a mere dent on the skin and a 1cm-long bruise.



That's it for now, everypony. Stand by for sketches tomorrow, and hopefully photos later. ^_^

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real ponies just aren't as nice to snuggle with o.O

Posted Image

Thank you LRP for giving me the perfect context to use one of them already. ;) Real ponies are THE BEST to snuggle with, man stallion mare.

These two, above and below, were sketched on the road. Click here and here for each one's DA page.

Posted Image


And now, stuff drawn at the convention.

Posted Image

DA link

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But Mael... haven't I been flying us to the moon and back several times? ;3


On another note, yesterday taught me how much I had forgotten about horses.

Like how thick they were, even ponies and miniature horses. Some of them were no taller than medium-sized dogs, yet they were so large.

Reminded me of my horseback-riding days, I had learned that we had 800kg of muscle and viscera between our legs. Dat mass.

I also understood how much I hadn't really been paying attention to some things in the first place. No SFX or record could render the deep, hooting harmonics that accompany a real whinny, for example. I only noticed that when one of the horses kept whinnying at regular intervals.

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Mael, how can we be flying to the moon (and back) if we're close to the ground? You silly skunk rave unicorn, you should be flying high just to BE with me. <3

You know, I'm thinking about sketching the more realistic version that you just described. But since your OC can't control his magic, he'd turn everything in a five-kilometer radius into a post-apocalyptic mess, enough to un-stone Discord for the third time in Equestrian history. XD


Appleshy, whutcha talkin bout. Jonkeys are teh best equines evar. (You probably forgot the "art stats" part of the first post. ;) )

LRP, thanks. ^_^

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As I feared, I botched each exam at one point or another. Which means I'll have to retake them all for the next session (after I return).

There's still tomorrow's Cellular&Developmental Bio, but I'm not keeping my hopes high for that either.


I'm not sure I'll make the effort of studying the same subjects though. I'll just accept that I'm not cut for science, and switch to a more artsy major.

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