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Horse Play  

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    • Twilight: *screams* "I can't take it anymore! It was supposed to be a simple play! Just one simple play! And then everything goes wrong, from the stage to the props, right down to the WORST LEAD ACTRESS IN EQUESTRIAAAA!!" (I HATE IT! >__<)
    • Twilight *strains smile*: "YyyyyyEEEEAAAH!!" Spike *to On Stage*: "Now THAT'S the best acting we've seen all day." (I dislike it!)
    • Audience oohs and ahhs as the sun is raised during the play; Luna, on the other hand, grumbles. (…meh…)
    • On Stage: "My goodness! I had no idea this production would have such elaborate special effects!" (I like it!)
    • Celestia prances around the renovated Throne Room like a little filly. (I LOVE IT! <3)

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I just rewatched this episode, and ho-LY ...CRAP, I just noticed something awesome that totally slipped by me the first....uh... 6 times or so...  :laugh:



Right?  :pinkie:  You see that?!


BOOM!  Right there!  LOL!  Luna be pissed that Tia raised the sun like that!  :laugh:

She be like:


And you just know she also be pissed that her beautiful night got cut short.


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When it all blows up in Twilight's face... Bravo, Twilight, bravo.  Yet another instance of, "Should've listened to Applejack right from the get-go!" 

This was a rather excellent episode. I was at first skeptical how to fit celestia in this episode, but it was really cleverly done. Her bad acting skills where funny, but also made her look way m

Do I have to remind everyone how good the dialogue is in this episode?

Posted Images

Celestia is too exaggerated for me. Everything she says feels so forced just like A Royal Problem. Her acting is so bad that it honestly makes me think she's faking the entire time. Celestia has never been shown to be this unaware and downright stupid. I get that the writers want to give personality to Celestia, but instead of doing whatever they want, maybe they should work within the boundaries they've set. Celestia has been shown to have more going on than what most ponies see even since season 1, but never before has it been so exaggerated to the point where I can barely recognize this as Celestia.

Aside from her, the episode is solid. There are a lot of great jokes (especially with Pinkie) and while Twilight's conflict is not particularly interesting by this point in the series, the moral is a really good one. 

It's a shame Celestia is in so much of the episode.

Score: 6/10


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Her bad delivery is a reference to classical Latin oratory, I think, which emphasizes long and short vowel sounds at the expense of sounding like the language as it was actually spoken. 'In Equestria' in classical Latin is identical in spelling and meaning to the English, but the 'a' vowel on the end of Equestria would be long, because of the ablative case.


In this episode Celestia actually hints at stepping down from her job at the end. I think this was a hint that we all missed. If she's actually that awful of an actor/liar, then why was her claim that she'd be giving up her crown so convincing? Also the part where Starlight says that Twilight is not a 'princess princess': this episode definitely was written after the premise of season 9 was created, because there is a lot of foreshadowing.

We also see Celestia in the most vulnerable yet. She was actually clearly offended, embarrassed, and upset to learn she was a bad actor, and wished they had told her sooner and spared her the embarrassment. Now that we know that she intended to quit soon, it makes sense that she's trying to enjoy her last days.

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An episode that expends celestias character? impossible! Celestia really love to troll others, doesn't she? The comedy in this episode was top notch and the best aspect of the episode. Celestia was a bit too silly but she just had fun, so it doesnt bother me. I wish luna had a bigger role here but I guess it was celestias turn to shine. My favorite moment was trixies racket and the fact she soled them in a back alley in midnight was hilarious, and twilights reaction to it was great too. The talk between celestia and twilight was a bit disappointing for me and a little off putting, otherwise this episode was amazing. 9\10.  The fact that fluttershy played celestia is a nice touch and a huge bonus is that we learned how long ago it was when celestia started raising the sun, and we learned that most of her reign she spent without luna, it's harsh... 

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It's the little things that make this great.

It's the way Twilight raises her eyebrow while thanking Starlight for saying she's not a "princess" princess. 

It's the way Rarity freaks out while Twilight is still explaining that Celestia will act in the play. 

It's the way Spike makes the best of having tomatoes thrown at him. 

But it's also the big things. Until season 7, we had only ever seen Celestia from below - someone to be admired, but not someone we could ever relate to. That's how Twilight viewed her too, and what we learn here is that Celestia always assumed their relationship was closer. I mean, since Twilight is a princess now, why wouldn't it be? But we've never seen them hang out. So it makes sense that Twilight sees her as less a friend than a hero, someone who deserves to be paid back for all she has done. Celestia thinks it's a favour, but to Twilight it's more than that. The choreography of the climax, where the two ascend the clouds together, is beautiful not only because it's so precisely choreographed, but also because it reflects Twilight starting to recognize how Celestia wants to be treated. Their relationship is special in ways that Twilight's other friendships aren't, which is why we see it on the cloud tops. But as they sit aside each other on the highest cloud, they can finally see eye to eye. 

I complain that the show isn't this good more often, but it's kind of a miracle that it has ever been this good, let alone as many times as it has. Even as this show disappoints, it's the fact that it can still offer up stuff like this that keeps me coming back. This show is capable of great things even if it's not great as a whole. 

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I love this episode. It was hilarious, awkward at moments. More episodes should be written like this. The female actor pony was so cute, and the marshmallow sun was so fucking hilarious. I loved seeing Celestia act like that. Twilight was so cute in this. Needs more Maud tho. 10/10.

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