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S04:E07 - Bats!

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S04:E07 - Bats!  

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Title: Bats!
Air Date: December 28th, 2013
Synopsis: When Applejack’s beautiful orchard falls under attack on Apple Bucking Day, it is clear that the dreaded Vampire Fruitbats have returned and Applejack is ready to take drastic measures to protect the orchard. However, the always compassionate Fluttershy argues for a more humane plan, which causes conflict between the two and could cost them their friendship.



Bats frighten me, Fluttershy. It's time my enemies shared my dread.

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Yeah this is finally open.


Saw the teaser image of the bat pony and was a little wierded out.


I guess the Bat ponies that help Luna and the Bat ponies here are two completely different species. Still though I can't wait to hear what songs this episode has to offer since it's a Fluttershy Applejack duet.

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First things first, can anyone explain to me how Big Mac is time travelling? Looks just like him haha.



The three best things about this episode.

  1. Pinkie holding her flash light with the front of mane, I really hope she does more of that.
  2. The song. At first I though it was a huge mistake to take a more musical approach but it really surprised me how much I liked it in the end, particularly the "Stop the bats. Stop the bats. Make them go and not come back" at the end mostly because the animation was amazing. 
  3. This scene right here.



Hello hello hello, what have we got here. More fuel for the Cutie Mark Speculators I reckon. 




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Okay, honestly, why doesn't AJ just grow a load of these? She could make an absolute fortune! This would go in a museum right there.


And my word, a marching duet with AJ and Fluttershy? Where are Stella and Wingnut? You guys need to hug each other in joy.

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That was an awesome song.  

That was the second winter wrap up reference this season.  

So far this is a good episode.  

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Dang Rainbow Dash needs her fix of Cider or else she goes crazy.



I did like AJ and Fluttershy's interpretation on what the bats looked like though during their song. AJ's looked evil while Fluttershy's looked innocent.

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Man, I'm not sure if I like the Bat song or Fruit Bat Wrap-Up better... :lol:

Also, Rainbow Dash and her cider, poor thing, must have been scarred for life from last time huh...

Adoring this episode so far. :D

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