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Daring Do the land of sand

Trixies Apprentice L

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Direct link:http://leonbrony.deviantart.com/art/Daring-Do-The-land-of-sand-307744275

A daring do wallpaper that I just made and is a new thing to me cause I am more used to black or gradient backgrounds though I believe it turned out pretty good.

Note that the map was like this

Posted Image

So yea I didn't strap a vector ontop of a a map XD Most of the time was actualy spend on the map :P

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Well I do like money :P


That's funny, because I like money as well. We should hang out or something.

You win an internet if you get the reference.

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I only just noticed daring do has same colour eyes as rainbow dash


Eeyup, she's simply a palette swap of Dash, her mane is the same style with multiple shades of grey as well.

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