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[10/14/2012 8:14:51 PM] Zoop: hookay

[10/14/2012 8:14:53 PM] Zoop: so like

[10/14/2012 8:15:03 PM] Zoop: my friends dragged me to an anime con, yeah?

[10/14/2012 8:15:15 PM] Zoop: it was pretty boring for me, but whatever. the cosplayers were fun

[10/14/2012 8:15:36 PM] Zoop: anyway, after con-going and stuff for the day we decided to get some dinner at the cheesecake factory in the same mall that the convention was at

[10/14/2012 8:16:02 PM] Zoop: but there was like a thirty minute wait to be seated - no biggie though, they gave us a lil beeper thing that’d let us know when it was our turn to get seated

[10/14/2012 8:16:17 PM] Zoop: and we left to kill some time by lurking around a nearby Barnes and Noble

[10/14/2012 8:16:29 PM] Zoop: so we’re walkin around doing whatever

[10/14/2012 8:16:41 PM] Zoop: and we end up in the philosophy section, where I notice they’ve got all of their bibles and such

[10/14/2012 8:16:58 PM] Zoop: so, being the preacher that I am, I took one of them and started to loudly recite from it

[10/14/2012 8:17:17 PM] Zoop: I shut up after a couple minutes ‘cause I notice a couple folks coming our way

[10/14/2012 8:17:32 PM] Zoop: one was a very overweight girl dressed up like princess peach from mario.

[10/14/2012 8:17:37 PM] Zoop: the other didn’t have a costume

[10/14/2012 8:17:49 PM] Zoop: so they end up looking at the same shelf that my friends and I are at

[10/14/2012 8:18:03 PM] Zoop: the princess suddenly squeels really loudly

[10/14/2012 8:18:07 PM] Zoop: and starts pointing at a book


[10/14/2012 8:18:46 PM] Zoop: at this point I’m just standing like right next to her holding a bible and blinking

[10/14/2012 8:18:55 PM] Zoop: then she starts looking at the other books

[10/14/2012 8:19:54 PM] Zoop: and she’s reading off “the philosophy of x’, ‘the philosophy of y’....

[10/14/2012 8:20:00 PM] Zoop: finally she sees one and she giggles

[10/14/2012 8:20:01 PM] Zoop: and is like


[10/14/2012 8:20:14 PM] Zoop: at this point her friend chimes in and is like

[10/14/2012 8:20:20 PM] Zoop: “UHMMM WHATS THE HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE”

[10/14/2012 8:20:28 PM] Zoop: at this, princess peach starts laughing really hard

[10/14/2012 8:20:29 PM] John Navarro: .-.

[10/14/2012 8:20:30 PM] NewCalamity: NewCalamity prepares noose

[10/14/2012 8:20:44 PM] John Navarro: ^

[10/14/2012 8:20:54 PM] NewCalamity: I've heard this already and I still feel bad.

[10/14/2012 8:20:59 PM] Zoop: “OMG YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT THE HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE IS? :D :D (rofl) (party) (chuckle) IT’S LIKE.... LIKE... YOU KNOW, ALEXANDER THE GREAT AND STUFF (sun)”

[10/14/2012 8:21:35 PM] Zoop: at this point I just kind of stare at her, set the bible down, and walk away

[10/14/2012 8:22:18 PM] John Navarro: X_x

[10/14/2012 8:22:22 PM] NewCalamity: ... and then return with an automatic weapon.






[10/14/2012 4:02:23 AM] iZoop: Chigs is NC's spike

[10/14/2012 4:02:37 AM] iZoop: Alternatively his Opal.

[10/14/2012 4:02:45 AM | Edited 4:02:57 AM] NewCalamity: Opal I guess.

[10/14/2012 4:03:50 AM] iZoop: Chigens. Meow for NC

[10/14/2012 4:04:01 AM] Jonke (Dreamwalker): xD

[10/14/2012 4:04:24 AM] Chigens and Kay: :3

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Swoop describes his helpful contributions to the Skype group operation following the closure of the chat


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Step one: Make Zoop a mod

Step two: Make Swoop a mod

Step three: Watch everyone make dumb jokes


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"Oh, Scoots, you can do so much more with my flank than kick it~"



"Scootacool is MLPForums' official playcolt."

~Thereisnospoon303, shortly afterwords

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Oh boy... here we go.


|42Cdo|Maj.Greedychris |1LDR|: in training one time he [the clan leader] made everyone stare at grass for 10 minutes after we lost a clan match

ModsFreeAreForTV [VM:S Dev]: " Belgium is in germany correct?

|47th|Chm.Bacon[2nd]: "ow and when the lb is today i can't come i'm going to my bf now."

PiePower: your gonna call me weird

PiePower: but i've gotten so addicted to tea

|47th|Pte.Killerloop[GR]: o.o

PiePower: i'm carrying a tea bag with me

PiePower: and sniffing it every 30 seconds

|47th|Pte.Killerloop[GR]: o.o

Serenissima: I'm trying to prepare an image macro for this situation: two redcoats wearing eyeliner and kissing.

|29th|Capt.Bravo[L]: WE HAVE DEMOS


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06:34 p.m. - |47th|Cpl.Kochi[LF]: how the fuck did Fireboy get to the top in 42Cdo?

06:34 p.m. - Sgt. A. Oxford [14thENG]: Not sure

06:34 p.m. - Sgt. A. Oxford [14thENG]: It was a vote

06:34 p.m. - Sgt. A. Oxford [14thENG]: Committee Vote sectoin.

06:34 p.m. - |47th|Cpl.Kochi[LF]: fucking democratic clan

06:35 p.m. - Sgt. A. Oxford [14thENG]: Lol

06:35 p.m. - |47th|Cpl.Kochi[LF]: And what about Joe and Chris?

06:35 p.m. - Sgt. A. Oxford [14thENG]: Joe and Chris left

06:35 p.m. - Sgt. A. Oxford [14thENG]: And Millw00d

06:35 p.m. - Sgt. A. Oxford [14thENG]: She joined 76

06:35 p.m. - Sgt. A. Oxford [14thENG]: I dont want to talk about *6

06:35 p.m. - |47th|Cpl.Kochi[LF]: Heh

06:35 p.m. - Sgt. A. Oxford [14thENG]: Our leader told us not to.



09:39 p.m. - |47th|Capt.Picaso [LF]: National Award (and Diploma) In Animal Management. Distinction Level.

09:39 p.m. - |47th|Cpl.Kochi[LF]: animal management?

09:40 p.m. - |47th|Cpl.Kochi[LF]: Explain

09:40 p.m. - |47th|Capt.Picaso [LF]: The Conservation, Welfare and caring on animals.

09:40 p.m. - |47th|Cpl.Kochi[LF]: What I need with my dog pack, basically

09:40 p.m. - |47th|Cpl.Kochi[LF]: 14 of the buggers

09:40 p.m. - |47th|Cpl.Kochi[LF]: They have that

09:40 p.m. - |47th|Cpl.Kochi[LF]: I don't

09:41 p.m. - |47th|Cpl.Kochi[LF]: They shred my stuff to pieces

09:41 p.m. - |47th|Capt.Picaso [LF]: Outstanding.

09:41 p.m. - |47th|Cpl.Kochi[LF]: MY POOR HEADSETS

09:41 p.m. - |47th|Cpl.Kochi[LF]: Why outstanding?

09:41 p.m. - |47th|Cpl.Kochi[LF]: 14 dogs in a house

09:41 p.m. - |47th|Capt.Picaso [LF]: Thats my general go to response when I have nothing else to reply with but like to make myself sound British.


Quite a lengthy one:




1:48 PM - {SOS団} Pai-kun: what is a bidet?

1:49 PM - {SOS団} Pai-kun: lol

1:49 PM - {SOS団}Case-kun: dont you have a bidet in your bathroom?

1:49 PM - {SOS団} Pai-kun: uhhm, no

1:49 PM - {SOS団} Pai-kun: what is it?

1:50 PM - {SOS団}Case-kun: wash your feet or ass

1:50 PM - {SOS団} Pai-kun: WTF

1:50 PM - {SOS団} Pai-kun: perverted continentals...

1:50 PM - {SOS団}Case-kun: we are just clean

1:50 PM - {SOS団} Pai-kun: that's not clean

1:51 PM - {SOS団} Pai-kun: wtf does it do? spray water up your ass?

1:51 PM - {SOS団}Case-kun: no

1:51 PM - {SOS団} Pai-kun: oh yes i seem to remember seeing one of those freaky things when i was in France...

1:51 PM - {SOS団} Pai-kun: wondered wtf it was for...

1:51 PM - {SOS団}Case-kun: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/b/b3/Bidet_Ego_Kolo.jpg/250px-Bidet_Ego_Kolo.jpg

1:52 PM - {SOS団} Pai-kun: if wanna get clean i use a shower...

1:52 PM - {SOS団}Case-kun: o.o

1:52 PM - {SOS団}Case-kun: YOURE WEIRD

1:52 PM - {SOS団} Pai-kun: i don't pur water over my ass....

1:52 PM - {SOS団} Pai-kun: that's just obscene and filthy

1:52 PM - {SOS団}Case-kun: your just british

1:52 PM - {SOS団} Pai-kun: i'm normal

1:52 PM - {SOS団} Pai-kun: xP

1:53 PM - {SOS団} Pai-kun: i still can't believe you ppl do that

1:53 PM - {SOS団} Pai-kun: it's disgusting

1:53 PM - {SOS団}Case-kun: i do it rarely lol

1:53 PM - {SOS団}Case-kun: i always take a shower

1:53 PM - {SOS団} Pai-kun: good

1:53 PM - {SOS団} Pai-kun: i bet it's a french invention ofc...

1:54 PM - {SOS団}Case-kun: but sometimes its good to wash my feet there

1:54 PM - {SOS団}Case-kun: before i go to bed

1:54 PM - {SOS団}Case-kun: also

1:54 PM - {SOS団}Case-kun: it is a french invention

1:54 PM - {SOS団} Pai-kun: ofc...

1:54 PM - {SOS団} Pai-kun: wait

1:54 PM - {SOS団} Pai-kun: O.O

1:54 PM - {SOS団} Pai-kun: you wash your feet

1:54 PM - {SOS団} Pai-kun: with an ass cleaner?

1:55 PM - {SOS団} Pai-kun: FREAKS


1:55 PM - {SOS団}Case-kun: ITS CLEAN

1:55 PM - {SOS団}Case-kun: FUCK YOU

1:55 PM - {SOS団} Pai-kun: ITS NOT

1:55 PM - {SOS団} Pai-kun: ITS DIRTY

1:55 PM - {SOS団} Pai-kun: AND FILTHy

1:55 PM - {SOS団} Pai-kun: AND WRONG


1:55 PM - {SOS団} Pai-kun: your spannish! ofc you live in a cesspool!


1:55 PM - {SOS団}Case-kun: FUCK YOU

1:56 PM - {SOS団} Pai-kun: You wash your feet in an ass sprayer!

1:56 PM - {SOS団} Pai-kun: You HAVE ass sprayers!

1:56 PM - {SOS団} Pai-kun: YOU PERVERTS

1:56 PM - {SOS団} Pai-kun: and when i went to france

1:56 PM - {SOS団}Case-kun: ITS NOT AN ASS SPRAYER

1:56 PM - {SOS団}Case-kun: FUCK YOU

1:56 PM - {SOS団} Pai-kun: i went to a public toilet

1:56 PM - {SOS団}Case-kun: IT HAS A NORMAL HOSE

1:56 PM - {SOS団} Pai-kun: it was a fucking pit in the ground!

1:56 PM - {SOS団} Pai-kun: JUST WTF



1:57 PM - {SOS団}Case-kun: FUCK YOU

1:57 PM - {SOS団} Pai-kun: FUCK YOU




-I ran out of material-

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[10:57:17 PM] NewCalamity: Oh God

[10:57:19 PM | Edited 10:57:20 PM] NewCalamity: Keep reading the thread

[10:57:20 PM] Zoop: TZAWSFGR

[10:57:20 PM] Zoop: O[LKD,;'PHRTVBNJ X

[10:57:26 PM] Zoop: :D

[10:57:28 PM] Zoop: terrible.

[10:57:32 PM] NewCalamity: This won't end well.

[10:57:33 PM] Zoop: this will not end well

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>Be 22 years old

>Chillin in room, playing with Bionicles

>Mom knocks on door, tells me I need to get out of the house more. Wants me to go to the grocery store to pick up some things.

>Haven’t been outside since idiot professors failed me out of engineering program at Uni

>They’re jelly of my superior intelligence. I don’t need to show my work, I can just know the answer

>Fucking Retards

>Mom keeps yelling. Tell the bitch to STFU

>She barges in and threatens to take away Tahu’s Kanohi mask of power if I don’t go. I squeal in rage.

>You win this round bitch

>She packs me up in my parka, even though it’s July so I won’t get cold, all the while giving me huggles, and settling my fedora snugly on my head

>She slips $20 into my orange money belt. (It’s not a fanny pack, I got it from SkyMall). She whispers what she needs at the store in my ear:


>A chill runs down my spine, and I break out in a cold sweat, which mixes with the sweat that’s already starting to run, due to the parka.

>Remember all the spaghetti stories from 4chan. The Horror.

>On the way out, grab my cane sword from the umbrella stand, just in case. (We live in one of poorer gated communities. My dad said my trust fund may run out by the time I’m 70 if I keep spending 30,000 Microsoft points per day on avatar clothes.)

>Start my epic quest to get to the supermarket .5 miles away from my house. Have to stop 100 yards from home to get three Monster’s from the gas station for energy. Chug them all in the store, back to back. Like a boss

>Finally arrive at the supermarket, drenched in sweat. Cute cashier girl checks me out as I peel off my parka, and wipe the sweat from my acne covered forehead with my cape.

>She wants my d

>Adjust my fedora so it covers my eyes, like in anime. Bitches love mystery.

>As I make my way to spaghetti aisle, I knock over a jar of some gray shit because of my fedora impaired vision. It shatters, keep walking, cuz I’m a badass like that

>Reach spaghetti aisle. I see the girl I’ve been in love with since Kindergarten there.

>“Sup, b-brittany” I say in my manly voice.

>How do you know my name? She asks. Tell her we’ve been in the same class since pre-school. (My mom keeps me home a lot, that’s probably why she never noticed me)

>She pulls her iPhone out and starts texting, trying to impress me obviously.

>Immediately whip out my state of the art Galaxy S III, and start telling her how much better Android is than iPhone. Show her all the customization options. As I flip through 14 pages of game apps. She doesn’t seem very impressed with my Space Marines theme. She must roll Chaos.

>Decide to use dominant body language to take control of the situation, like I learned on VH1’s Pickup Artist.

>Grab her tits

>(they feel like bags of sand for any of you foreveralone virginfags who’ve never touched any)

>She screams. A huge jock guy comes around the corner and asks her if she’s ok.

>”No my girlfriend and I are just flirting,” I say

>I’m not your girlfriend! He groped me! My girlfriend says

>Jock guy starts charging me. Suddenly those 3 Monsters weren’t such a good idea. I feel the rising tide of vomit in my esophagus.

>I projectile vomit all her. She is still screaming. I’m trying to clean the vomit off her with my sweat drenched cape.

>She’s still struggling, so I figure it’s a good time to ask if she wants to come over and watch anime later. I inform her that I have condoms.

>Just then, the jock slams into me, knocking all three of us into the spaghetti shelf, which collapses, sending dry spaghetti everywhere.

>I dig her out of the spaghetti pile, she hasn’t answered my date proposal yet


>She is unconscious.

>Dumb jock guy reaches me, starts beating.

>Then it happens. Some of the spaghetti has landed in that grey stuff I knocked over earlier.

>It’s the grey shit from Prometheus (best movie of all time btw. If you didn’t like it you were just too stupid to understand it), the spaghetti begins to mutate into those snake things.

>Mutant spaghetti eels strangle dumb jock and crawl into his eye sockets. Luckily I have my cane sword, and I begin to carve a path through the eels. I leave my girlfriend behind, because I could tell she was thinking of cheating on me. Sluts are all the same

> Go home and tell mom I got mugged. She lets me sit on her lap while I cry and watch Naruto

>Alpha as FUCK



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[10:57:17 PM] NewCalamity: Oh God

[10:57:19 PM | Edited 10:57:20 PM] NewCalamity: Keep reading the thread

[10:57:20 PM] Zoop: TZAWSFGR

[10:57:20 PM] Zoop: O[LKD,;'PHRTVBNJ X

[10:57:26 PM] Zoop: :D

[10:57:28 PM] Zoop: terrible.

[10:57:32 PM] NewCalamity: This won't end well.

[10:57:33 PM] Zoop: this will not end well


Which thread are you talking about? D:


Also, nice avatar Zoop :D

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Zoop: *does some epic admin work involving hunting something down in a quick manner*


Scootacool: Just as a side note, that was a masterful bit of detective work :D


Zoop: Of course it was. I'm fucking Batman.


Slightly abbreviated, cutting out a line or two of my own for full humor effect.




"There needs to be more mods with boobs."~Clarity


It's 6 AM, and I found that way funnier than it should have been xD

Edited by ~Chaotic Discord~
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The following originated from this profile comment:



*20 minutes later*


Chigens and Kay: ????????????????????????????
NewCalamity: How may I help you?
Chigens and Kay: Why you put that thingy on my feed?
NewCalamity: Hm?
NewCalamity: ......?
Chigens and Kay: On the forum.
Chigens and Kay: You made that face thing.
NewCalamity: Oh did I?
NewCalamity: Are you sure about that?
Chigens and Kay: http://gyazo.com/8870111c4756d4be8dbbc16230ca03d1.png?1354768164
Chigens and Kay: Yeah
Chigens and Kay: http://gyazo.com/12f4aed6025e05321d383fcb6f38b6f6.png?1354768195
NewCalamity: That is a different NC.
Chigens and Kay: Wat..?
NewCalamity: Yes.
Chigens and Kay: No it isn't...
NewCalamity: Don't you think I would know if I posted that?
Chigens and Kay are not amused.
NewCalamity: Me neither.
NewCalamity: We have traitorous spies among us.
Chigens and Kay: I clicked on the profile, I don't think there are two NewCalamity's that are Comunity Admins.
NewCalamity: It's all a matter of eprspective.
NewCalamity: You need to read between the lines.
NewCalamity: There is no spoon.
Chigens and Kay: No, it was totes you.
Chigens and Kay: You're just messing with me for some reason.
NewCalamity: That is your misguided and clouded opinion, my young apprentice.
NewCalamity: Open your mind, trust your feelings.
NewCalamity: Let go.
Chigens and Kay: Why are you doing this to me ;.;
NewCalamity: To guide you.
NewCalamity: In your noble and cursed quest.
Chigens and Kay: For what?
NewCalamity: When I pass on, and leave this Earth, you need to be ready to fight back the dark hordes that lurk in the shadows.  My time is finite, and waivering.
Chigens and Kay: I can do that.
NewCalamity: You are brave
NewCalamity: But not yet ready.
NewCalamity: O courageous youth.
Chigens and Kay: Why talk in cryptic riddles?
NewCalamity: It is our way.
Chigens and Kay: I'm not that good at riddles.
NewCalamity: In time.
NewCalamity: In time...
Chigens and Kay: Stop confusing me.
Chigens and Kay: I don't like it :P

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If you ever told me you've seen a more intelligent and profound conversation, I would tell you you're wrong.



[10:41:54 PM] NewCalamity: Do eggs????
[10:42:11 PM] Evilshy: Don't eggs????
[10:42:25 PM] Vexx3: are eggs the????????!!>>>
[10:42:39 PM] Evilshy: Why is eggs????!?
[10:42:55 PM] Vexx3: because see, do#..
[10:43:10 PM] Vexx3: and eggs that..?.
[10:43:25 PM] Evilshy: But do and?
[10:52:33 PM] Chigens and Kay: (think)
[10:53:20 PM] NewCalamity:  /thread
[11:00:47 PM] Chigens and Kay: Yeah, it certainly was a thing.... I am still trying to figure it out.
[11:01:21 PM] Vexx3: it was thing eggs polio bread
[11:01:37 PM] Evilshy: polio eggs which?
[11:01:46 PM] Evilshy: verily.
[11:01:58 PM] Vexx3: prosthetically
[11:02:05 PM] Evilshy: possible grapefruit
[11:02:32 PM] Evilshy: although, do and bread egg for...
[11:03:49 PM] Vexx3: and in liberty the red spout speckle
[11:04:24 PM] Evilshy: speckle? Nationalists?
[11:04:51 PM] Evilshy: fixtures abound, man...
[11:06:10 PM] Vexx3: accidently on with jelly soap
[11:06:19 PM] Evilshy: but the bacon
[11:06:54 PM] Evilshy: for plasma not historical
[11:07:50 PM] Vexx3: relishing in metallica was zinc funnels
[11:08:16 PM] Evilshy: preferable and dice roll
[11:09:21 PM] Vexx3: chigens plenty nine in windows.
[11:09:55 PM] Evilshy: yes, but yellow but backpack pants
[11:10:22 PM] Chigens and Kay: You guys...really know how to get to me...
[11:10:44 PM] Vexx3: you can the sketch generation?
[11:11:01 PM] Evilshy: iphones pdiddy was radioactivity on the morrow and such
[11:11:22 PM] Evilshy: although, approximate glasses were and see pinapples
[11:12:13 PM] Vexx3: the bamboo means you oven boots
[11:12:40 PM] Evilshy: and the can with revolvers?
[11:13:19 PM] Vexx3: pin meals zoop enquiring anus
[11:13:51 PM] Evilshy: but holistic wagons for animal reproachingly
[11:14:37 PM] Vexx3: reproachful mailbox engaging balistic
[11:15:23 PM | Edited 11:15:30 PM] Evilshy: the bicycle and yams
[11:16:03 PM] Vexx3: pudding infinite marrow seed
[11:17:40 PM] Evilshy: also but and double tram
[11:19:15 PM] Vexx3: lauding country microintimacy ukelele
[11:19:41 PM] Evilshy: that zygomorphic with cherries
[11:20:24 PM] Vexx3: Vader polish mountain van
[11:20:30 PM] Zoop: [11:13 PM] Vexx3: 
<<< pin meals zoop enquiring anus
oh baby.
[11:20:50 PM] Evilshy: only not the land
[11:21:09 PM] Vexx3: [11:20 PM] Zoop: 
<<< oh baby.
radio just
[11:21:53 PM] Evilshy: forsooth
[11:23:45 PM] Vexx3: Vernacular ordinary in part beseech
[11:24:13 PM] Evilshy: egads! and a thimble spring
[11:25:46 PM] Vexx3: isolate banding newcalamity in cued digest
[11:27:30 PM] Evilshy: jesus... supersonic and stakes
Edited by Evilshy
Made it easier to understand for people not on skype with me.
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  • 2 weeks later...
Spoiler'd because I said the F word. :(



[08:28:28 PM] Zoop: the carpet here gets dirty easily

[08:28:36 PM] Zoop: thus it is not practical to wear my boots around the apartment

[08:28:42 PM] Zoop: but the floor is cold.

[08:28:44 PM] Zoop: very cold

[08:28:45 PM] NewCalamity: You're good at testing it.

[08:28:47 PM] Zoop: solution?

[08:28:54 PM] Zoop: BAM, MOTHERFUCKERS

[08:29:04 PM] Zoop: will arrive on tuesday. (flex)

[08:29:06 PM] NewCalamity: How about a fucking rug.

[08:29:16 PM] NewCalamity: Before I intercept that.

[08:29:22 PM] Zoop: I'm bear clawing this shit, yo

[08:29:23 PM] NewCalamity: Crime against fashion.

[08:29:23 PM | Edited 08:29:25 PM] NewCalamity: You bastard.


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Funny moment skyping Tishan xDD




Scootabloom: Hey Tishan


Tishan: What


Scootabloom: Guess what someone said to me the other day, SO funny xD


Scootabloom: So I was making fun of the Yankees (he's a baseball fan and that's his team) and this was just after the Cowboys vs. Bears game


Scootabloom: And he said "Oh yea? Well Tony Romo..."

                      And I got all like "Oh no, he's gonna make fun of the picks..."


Scootabloom: And you know what he said after that?


Scootabloom: "Oh yeah? Well Tony Romo can't catch a ball"


Tishan: LOL


Scootabloom: Haha xD


Tishan: He has to be trolling


Scootabloom: Nope, he was completely serious, I could tell xD





Tishan: DURRR



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More football chat with @,



[8:22:55 PM] Tishan: FLAG!!!!!!
[8:22:57 PM] Chris: PI
[8:22:58 PM] Chris: TOTALLY
[8:23:00 PM] Tishan: HOW THE FUCK IS THAT!!
[8:23:10 PM] Chris: IS IT ON THE O OR THE D?
[8:23:13 PM] Chris: YEAH
[8:23:14 PM] Chris: HELL YEA
[8:23:37 PM] Chris: 38 yard penalty
[8:23:39 PM] Chris: WOW.
[8:23:44 PM] Chris: LOOK AT THAT SHIT.
[8:23:55 PM] Chris: TD@
[8:24:00 PM] Tishan: AND THAT'S A FUCKING TOUCHDOWN!!!!!!!!!!


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Which is precisely why I derailed it.





Anyone want to hear about the time I had magic icecream?

Silver... Don't be quite so random in here or...


You might take a silver arrow to the knee.


Thank you, thank you. I'll be here next Tuesday!

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[11:41:36 PM] ~Chaotic Discord~: http://fc08.deviantart.net/fs70/i/2012/351/4/b/my_precious_little_rainbow_by_inuhoshi_to_darkpen-d5oarp6.png

[11:41:39 PM] ~Chaotic Discord~: >Feels

[11:44:41 PM] Aurora: All my motivation to study evaporated....FFFFFUUUU-

[11:45:28 PM] ~Chaotic Discord~: Your feels dissapprove of work.

[11:45:56 PM] Aurora: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Look what you're all missing in the staff chat. This shit is so intense, it's not funny.

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[2:29:34 AM] Chigens and Kay: yeah
[2:29:39 AM] Chigens and Kay: Forced to do secret santa
[2:30:44 AM] Chigens and Kay: I was thinking maybe just copping out and getting a Dunkin Donuts gift card or something
[2:30:59 AM] Chigens and Kay: ugh
[2:31:55 AM] Chigens and Kay: hmm
[2:32:31 AM] Chigens and Kay: Why would I give her money
[2:33:25 AM] Chigens and Kay: I dont think i would get her a stuffed animal...
[2:33:29 AM] Chigens and Kay: I hardly know her
[2:34:01 AM] Chigens and Kay: She is a waitress, has a boyfriend, and recently had a baby.
[2:34:36 AM] Chigens and Kay: Well
[2:34:36 AM] Chigens and Kay: Originally
[2:34:43 AM] Chigens and Kay: I picked my own name out of the hat
[2:34:49 AM] Chigens and Kay: But apparently, it doesn't work that way
[2:34:53 AM] Chigens and Kay: so I had to pick again
[2:35:06 AM] Chigens and Kay: Nope
[2:35:27 AM] Chigens and Kay: Maybe I can get her a stepladder, because she is short
[2:36:29 AM] Chigens and Kay: She doesnt seem like a tea person
[2:36:41 AM] Chigens and Kay: I mean, she has a white trash boyfriend
[2:36:55 AM] Chigens and Kay: Oh
[2:36:57 AM] Chigens and Kay: I got it
[2:37:01 AM] Chigens and Kay: Lottery tickets
[2:37:06 AM] Chigens and Kay: Perfect
[2:37:25 AM] Chigens and Kay: like my age
[2:37:28 AM] Chigens and Kay: 20
[2:37:29 AM] Chigens and Kay: 21
[2:38:08 AM | Removed 2:38:21 AM] Chigens and Kay: This message has been removed.
[2:38:11 AM] Chigens and Kay: derp
[2:38:17 AM] Chigens and Kay: I'll just get her like 15$ worth
[2:38:37 AM] Chigens and Kay: I wonder what the guy who has my name will get
[2:38:45 AM] Chigens and Kay: The spanish fry chef has my name
[2:39:00 AM] Chigens and Kay: He doesn't speak english good
[2:39:05 AM] Chigens and Kay: But he can speak chinese
[2:39:19 AM] Chigens and Kay: Just like the Chinese chefs can speak Spanish
[2:39:59 AM] Chigens and Kay: Yeah
[2:40:11 AM] Chigens and Kay: On another note, I bought the worst tea ever the other day
[2:40:19 AM] Chigens and Kay: Gross Chai tea
[2:40:40 AM] Chigens and Kay: Might as well have been Gross Chai Tea
[2:40:49 AM] Chigens and Kay: I wouldn't have bought it
[2:40:58 AM] Chigens and Kay: Smells like gingerbread
[2:41:02 AM] Chigens and Kay: but it tastes like ass
[2:41:18 AM] Chigens and Kay: I gave it all away to family members
[2:41:24 AM] Chigens and Kay: Let them suffer
[2:41:40 AM] Chigens and Kay: It's the gift that keeps on giving
[2:42:15 AM] Chigens and Kay: I got it at Ocean State Job Lot
[2:42:35 AM] Chigens and Kay: They have some good stuff
[2:42:40 AM] Chigens and Kay: But not all of it is good
[2:43:20 AM] Chigens and Kay: They had pony toys there
[2:43:24 AM] Chigens and Kay: and right next to those
[2:43:28 AM] Chigens and Kay: Knock-off pony toys
[2:43:38 AM] Chigens and Kay: Funny to look at
[2:43:47 AM] Chigens and Kay: "My Tiny Pony"
[2:44:47 AM] Chigens and Kay: Tell me if this sounds good:
[2:45:18 AM] Chigens and Kay: "Fine black tea perfectly balanced with the sweet and savoury spice flavours of cinnamon, cardamom, cloves and ginger."
[2:45:45 AM] Chigens and Kay: Well whatever it is
[2:45:46 AM] Chigens and Kay: It ruins it
[2:46:03 AM] Chigens and Kay: Waste of $2
[2:46:07 AM] Chigens and Kay: Rip off tea
[2:46:50 AM] Chigens and Kay: They had Wasabi Peas though
[2:46:55 AM] Chigens and Kay: So that made up for it
[2:47:28 AM] Chigens and Kay: Oh god, when people look at this chat
[2:47:35 AM] Chigens and Kay: All they are gonna see is me talking to myself
[2:47:51 AM] Chigens and Kay: I AM NOT TALKING TO MYSELF
[2:48:42 AM] Chigens and Kay: I have two of my Christmas presents sitting right next to me
[2:48:46 AM] Chigens and Kay: But I cant open them
[2:48:58 AM] Chigens and Kay: Cuz I know whats in them
[2:49:24 AM] Chigens and Kay: Inb4 clothes
[2:50:41 AM] Chigens and Kay: The only thing I got this year for clothes was a sweatshirt
[2:51:00 AM] Chigens and Kay: I always get a sweatshirt
[2:51:03 AM] Chigens and Kay: Every year
[2:51:07 AM] Chigens and Kay: Form the same person
[2:51:14 AM] Chigens and Kay: My aunt
[2:51:18 AM] Chigens and Kay: No
[2:51:23 AM] Chigens and Kay: Oh god no
[2:51:30 AM] Chigens and Kay: I wouldn't wear it
[2:51:52 AM] Chigens and Kay: Yeah
[2:52:18 AM] Chigens and Kay: I think that talking would be easier than typing by this point
[2:52:36 AM] Chigens and Kay: No, my mic is on
[2:53:16 AM] Chigens and Kay: Do it
[2:53:23 AM] Chigens and Kay: I am weird
[2:53:36 AM | Removed 2:54:12 AM] Chigens and Kay: This message has been removed.
[2:53:59 AM] Chigens and Kay: "Oh look! Chigens talks to themself for an hour!"
[2:54:18 AM] Chigens and Kay: I killed a message
[2:54:25 AM] Chigens and Kay: Because of boredom
[2:56:07 AM] Chigens and Kay: Lucky
[2:56:13 AM] Chigens and Kay: I have to work on Christmas Eve
[2:57:18 AM] Chigens and Kay: Some customer at work today
[2:57:27 AM] Chigens and Kay: Ordered $250 worth of food
[2:57:30 AM] Chigens and Kay: Take out
[2:57:38 AM] Chigens and Kay: Enough for 40 people
[2:57:50 AM] Chigens and Kay: Had to carry the stuff out in boxes and bags
[2:57:55 AM] Chigens and Kay: 3 trips in and out
[2:58:19 AM] Chigens and Kay: Chinese Food
[2:58:26 AM] Chigens and Kay: Sucks
[2:58:34 AM] Chigens and Kay: Because I saw them dropping food on the floor
[2:58:40 AM] Chigens and Kay: and putting it back
[2:58:47 AM] Chigens and Kay: and some of the plastic utensils and plates too
[2:58:52 AM] Chigens and Kay: gross
[2:59:44 AM] Chigens and Kay: Then they are probably all true
[2:59:52 AM] Chigens and Kay: There is this black mold
[3:00:00 AM] Chigens and Kay: That lives inside the washing machine
[3:00:07 AM] Chigens and Kay: and try as i might, I cannot get it out
[3:00:18 AM] Chigens and Kay: So it festers
[3:00:25 AM] Chigens and Kay: Growing and growing
[3:00:32 AM] Chigens and Kay: It's going to attack me one day
[3:00:56 AM] Chigens and Kay: Whatever I can
[3:01:00 AM] Chigens and Kay: It's deep inside
[3:01:04 AM] Chigens and Kay: My fingers and sponge wont reach
[3:01:33 AM] Chigens and Kay: Well I am glad you're getting a kick out of it
[3:02:07 AM] Chigens and Kay: You set me up
[3:03:03 AM] Chigens and Kay: I'll just pretend you guys aren't here and talk with myself
[3:03:23 AM | Removed 3:03:32 AM] Chigens and Kay: This message has been removed.
[3:03:57 AM] Chigens and Kay: All that talk about World of Tanks
[3:04:01 AM] Chigens and Kay: Makes me want to play it
[3:04:11 AM] Chigens and Kay: Iunno
[3:04:34 AM] NewCalamity: http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/43189-can-your-computer-run-world-of-tanks-check-here/
[3:04:56 AM] Chigens and Kay: You broke my chain
[3:06:04 AM] Chigens and Kay: It was a world record
[3:06:25 AM] Chigens and Kay: Even though only a couple people would see it
[3:06:31 AM] Chigens and Kay: Still, world record
[3:06:49 AM] Chigens and Kay: But noooo, you screwed it up
[3:07:37 AM] Chigens and Kay: I am
[3:07:44 AM] Chigens and Kay: My internet is dreadfully slow on wireless
[3:08:11 AM] Chigens and Kay: "200 new notifications"
[3:08:19 AM] Chigens and Kay: "Oh, it's just Chigens...."
[3:08:22 AM] Chigens and Kay: "All of them..."

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