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How open are you about ponies?


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My closest friends know about it from years back. I have not made a big deal about it in the last 6+ years, though (where I posted some of the G3s I was collecting). In general, I don't hit my friends over the head with my interests anymore. I posted *some* Animal Crossing, but I try to limit that.

In the past, I probably said I would always keep it from my parents because of me being afraid of them judging me for collecting toys as an adult that I didn't even play with as a little girl. But one day last year we were in an antique/vintage shop (my mom and I loved to visit those occasionally before the pandemic) and a booth had a collection of G1's, and after some thinking I was finally like "Hey mom, I like those toy horses". It's funny how this played out, actually. We were already in the car. She had no idea what I was talking about, she thought I must have been referring to some kind of toys that were more like real horses but she hadn't seen any, but then it dawned on her and she was like "What? The My Little Ponys?". I was temporarily floored, because she actually knew the brand right off the top of her head. She then explained that my sister and I had some when we were really young and played with them.

And because I shared that, I learned something, that My Little Pony has roots to my early childhood! And she doesn't think I'm silly for collecting them either! I now have them in my room, no longer hidden.

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16 hours ago, Paleopony said:

I don't hide it but I don't go out of my way to tell anyone about it either.

I'm pretty much the same. I don't have problems browsing on my cellphone about pony stuff in public, but I don't go to people and announced it either.


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