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Here are some things that I have noticed so far. Some of them might change as a result of the design change that I was told is inevitable. A lot of them are also very... small/nitpick. All suggestions are based on results seen with the, as of now, up-to-date version of Chrome. I will view the website in all of the main browsers later.



  1. The title text on individual songs and on the profile seem too close to the buttons and elements below it when using characters with a descender (ex: g,y,q,j and p).
    • I'd recommend simply raising these elements so that they do not touch.
  2. On songs, the space between name of the artist and their avatar is created by a space characters and thus makes the underline effect when hovering, extend to the image.
    • I'd recommend replacing the text " name" with "<span style='margin-left:8px;'>name</span>" Alternatively, you could move the styling to a css file.
  3. The white arrow in the play button for songs is not completely centered. It's not possible to center completely since the size of the box is 50x50 and the white arrow is 12x9.
    • The way to truly center it is to to change the arrow to 12x10. I'd be happy to do that for you if you want, otherwise you should at least center it where you can. The arrow would need to be moved down 1px to make it perfectly vertically centered.
      • It seems like a small change, but it always bothers me when I see it and it looks a lot better to me with either of the two fixes that I recommended. 
  4. The Vinyl Scratch image and the text on the home page overlap.
  5. The "115 tracks with 5361 views, 2439 downloads, and counting!" and the text and button bellow it do not line up and thus break the grid.
    • I'd recommend right justifying the <strong> text and then lining it up with the text and button below. The reason for this is that it will cause the text to grow out to the left as the songs, views, and downloads increase in number.
  6. It would be cool if one could view the list of tracks, albums, and users by alphabetical order, join date, track count, artist, upload date, title, genre and publish date respectively. Preferably by simply clicking on the respective column title texts.
  7. The song art does not line up with the track duration bar and thus breaks the grid
    • The solution is to simply move the song art to the left 2px.
  8. For individual comments, I'd recommend moving the commentators name up by the post time so that it looks like: "Bohtty commented moments ago." and then making the comment box the size of the avatar + margin unless the comment is long enough to exceed that height of course.
  9. For the slogan I'd recommend changing it to either "By a brony, for a brony" or "By bronies, for bronies." It just flows better that way in my opinion.

Thats it for now. A lot of these would be fixed with the redesign, but I'd figured I'd post them anyways.


I also love the "Random Track!" button and the fact that you used an elipse character instead of just three full stops


I'm very curious to see what the design overhaul will look like. Just to be sure, the embedded player isn't going to be changed is it?

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Yeah, we've noticed some issues with the home page, especially when it comes to shrinking your browser window - then all sorts of overlapping text happens. (I think this happens when you take down the width of the page display to around 700-800 pixels? I don't know. I'd have to screenshot it and use a pixel count.


To be honest, there's a lot that you've brought up about the fine details that I think a lot of people have overlooked. I know I have.


Some of these suggestions have been brought up before, at least I think number 6 has... But at least that means that a lot of people would notice if it WASN'T a feature! :-D

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Some of these suggestions have been brought up before, at least I think number 6 has... But at least that means that a lot of people would notice if it WASN'T a feature! :-D

Yeah I noticed after I had posted this thread xD


It's something I always tend to want when there is a list present.

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