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Easy game, it can even be a roleplay if you wish.


Basically when your going to post in this thread you most post Discorded to what you would usually post... you know be the opposite...


If you wish to use your avatar as your "Original-self" then you can, if that makes it easier to discord.


I guess I will start as Captain Marvelous...


"Hello Everyone! You all having fun? I am Captain Marvelous! Sometimes I am too forceful and will mess up, but I'll do my best for your smiles! Lets get along! Bang!"


Something like that... of course that was a bad example.

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Another doughnut? No, take it. Please, take another doughnut. TAKE IT! TAKE IT NOW! What? Poison?! Are you INSANE?! I would never out poison in... uh... I mean... Take the doughnut, you look... hungry. You could really stand to put on a few pounds, don't you think? Here, this one has extra... uh... sprinkles! Yes, this one has a surplus of... uh... sprinkles. And poison.

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My character, Slendermane, is based off of a monster/entity from a group of internet horror videos. This being is called Slenderman.

Entry #1 of Marble Hornets

There already exists an opposite version of that character. Splendorman.

Now imagine that as a pony, and it would be my Discorded self.

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I don't know what Apple Bloom would do but since my Element of Harmony would be generosity...

Hello there. I have a mask you might be interested in. It's called "Majora's Mask." You can have it. Have fun!


MINE!!!!1ONE!!1 :angry:

And don't you even think about taking it back! :ph34r:

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psh who cares about friendship,

i hate my life

blah blah emo noises blah

blah blah negative talk blah blah

that's too hard can i just leave it like that

(LoL that's actually my friend she is emo in other words my exact opposite weird how we are close friends)

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I would be a much happier person, I would have an inferior vocabulary, I would suck at spelling, I'd have friends (I know I have some friends on here, but I'm talking IRL, and honestly, what are the chances we would ever meet IRL?), I would have very few video games, I would have a life, my grades would suck, I would be more trustful, I would be less polite, I would probably be friendlier, this is all I can think of atm, but I will likely add as I come up with more

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I'm a terrible, terrible writer who has a pathetic sense of humor. But hoo boy does that not stop me from being a social butterfly. I LOVE parties, I LOVE talking loud, and I LOVE being the center of attention. However, I'm super shy online, and rarely talk in full sentences. At least I am anxiety free!


There's also this show called My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Stupidest idea for a show ever. That Lauren Faust women is a horrible cartoon lady who can't write worth shi*, and makes the worst possible characters ever. I hate all of them. Especially that stupid blue one, called 'Rainbow Dash'.

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Man fuck Pokemon that's so gay. Especially the new ones I mean it use to be cool in Red and Blue but now it's stupid. Why can't everything be glitchy and unbalanced? Why aren't Psychic types OP with little to no weaknesses?


Digimon > Pokemon that is all.

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