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I have the most powerful laptop in the universe:

Intel Core Duo @ 2.2GHz


500GB Hard Drive

Intel 4 Series Express Chipset Family @ 1.7GB.




Yeah, I know u jelly.



I'm in the process of building one, the specs for that are going to be:

CPU - i5-2500k

GPU - GTX 650 ti 2GB

RAM - G.SKILL Ripjaws 8GB

Hard Drive - HGST 500GB @ 7200RRM 16MB Cache

Motherboard - ASRock B75 LGA 1155

PSU - Rosewell Hive-550

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This is my Laptop Desktop.



The Specifications of my laptop


Brand: Acer Aspire "5742g"

CPU: Intel Core i5 480m

Ram: 4gb ddr3 @ 667 MHz

GPU: nVidia GT-520m 1GB

HDD: 500GB

OS: Windows 7 home basic

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Good lord I have to remember now.


Apple MacBook Pro 13" 2011 320GB HDD 4GB RAM Intel i5 2.3GHz running OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion.  


HP G70 160GB HDD 3GB RAM [Can't actually remember the CPU clock but it's an Intel Core2 Duo] Running the dredded Windows Vista because it's an old machine.


Apple iPad G3 running iOS 6 no cellular radio.


I have a netbook but can't remember the specs and it currently has no OS.


I have two old retired laptops, one of which was mine and one I acquired from the family.  Neither work atm due to no PSU.


I'm in the process of sourcing a desktop computer.


I might add in some screeys later.

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