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My main OC is Nightlight, like my name :3

She's a bat pony now, but she was a normal pegasus once. She used to have a lot of nightmares that Luna would visit sometimes. During one of them the batness was bestowed~ (Since the only bat ponies in the show are Luna's royal guard and they aren't one of the three tribes, I HC they all start as pegasi that go through some kind of magic process not unlike how alicorns are made. May be retconned if I come across new info...)

Her cutie mark is a big ol' eye to represent seeing beauty in everything. She got it during a school field trip to an art museum.


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Meet Cosmic Spark, my new villain character! She´s apparently Celestia´s FIRST student, even before Twilight, dunno if it´s lore accurate, but I like the idea! She never proved herself worthy to become an alicorn, tried to steal the throne, and was sealed away deep in the Everfree Forest. Her story isn´t quite finished, but I´m working on it!


pony (3).png

pony (2).png

pony (1).png



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Hm. Good thread. Yes. 

This is my main OC. Meet Alto Legato. 



Defining Characteristics: 

  • Loner (Perceived as shy)

  • Very Musical

  • Extremely Intelligent (to some other ponies: fiercely intelligent)

  • Quite quirky and eccentric

  • Cute

A cute pink unicorn who loves music and is good at necromancy and mind-reading magic, and it’s brutally intelligent. She is an extreme introvert and somewhat romantic but still adept at expressing herself. Works as a forensic scientist and freelance musician. 

It was around the time when chat GPT first arrived; with the help of the AI, I carefully wrote the back story for the OC, phrasing things tersely but with all the relevant information I had and how I envisioned it. And then edit it myself carefully afterwards. 

Her ability and skills synergize with her job as a forensic scientist. She can track down the reasons of death precisely. 

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I don't think I ever posted Ocean's most recent design on here so here we go.

She sure has come a long away since her creation in 2020.



Plus her adorable plushie by Little-Broy-Peep on DeviantArt


Defining Characteristics:

- Cute

- Very kindhearted

- Can be a little too enthusiastic at times

- Easily gets hyped up on sugar

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Name: Anarchylight.

Attention! The pronunciation in Russian is very different from English. You can listen to the pronunciation in the translator. The name in Russian is "Anarchilight".

Type: Artificial intelligence, Alicorn, Terminator.

Age: 1 year.

Gender: Female.

Cutie mark: The "A" in the circle is a symbol of anarchy.

Personality: She has feelings and emotions despite the fact that she is an artificial intelligence. She can turn off her feelings and emotions and adjust the power. She can change her character. By default: very kind.

Address: The Universe of Worlds, Country "Garry's Mod, Equestria, Ponyville.

Likes : Freedom, Magic, read, draw, natural sciences, formal sciences, social sciences, applied sciences, street workout, kettlebell lifting, weapons, Anarcho-Communism, "The Venus Project" (The Jacques Fresco Project).

Dislikes: Evil and cruel creatures.

Additional Details: The skin is made of semi-organic. Inside, muscles and bones are made of Titanium X metal (Metal from my imaginary universe). Energy source: thermonuclear reactor. The thermonuclear reactor is located in a special compartment. This compartment is small on the outside but big on the inside like a Tardis. It has different modes of vision: normal vision, infrared vision, night vision, thermal vision. She has the magic of harmony and chaos and all other types of magic. She doesn't have any weak points. It is not penetrated by a 120 mm tank shell. She has the ability to regenerate

Backstory: She was created by Nogla (The best scientist and warrior in my imaginary country. My country is in my imaginary universe. The name of my imaginary universe is "The Universe of Worlds").


Water was spilled on the next drawing, which is why it is so spoiled.


Anarchylight awards a tank for the defense of Equestria.


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On 2021-08-24 at 7:43 PM, Pandora said:

A happy Sushimi!
She does not see so someone has to move her mane out of the way in order to pet or boop her.

[pls don't re-upload/edit etc, was specifically made for my use]


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OC Pony of me.


It just me as a pony, my head is bald but can't find shaved hair. 

I usually wear watch alot, when I had a job. And do wear Vest alot, mostly summer.

My Vest and tail are black cos I love colour black, I'm red cos other colour I like. It meant to be my love for Manchester United (Lost intest in football,

My cutie mark base my love for Superheroes (Superman one of my favourite) and My country (Uk, of cos being Proud British).

Me as Unicorn, I love Unicorns, mostly ones with wings, they called Pegacorns. Won't dare make myself Alicorn.

If picture gone: here my OC: https://www.deviantart.com/darkdevil1984/art/OC-Pony-of-me-445614534

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This is my OC Blueberry Shiver! She runs a candy store in Ponyville! She’s very shy at first but becomes sweet and bubbly when she gets used to you! She loves hugs and friendship, oh and CAFFEINATED DRINKS! She’s an absolute sucker for those! The art here was drawn by my friend Torhu but I cropped it so it was just my oc! I really need art of my oc by herself eventually :please:


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Name: Dazzle Colt

Age: ~23 (supposed to be the same age as Rarity)

Sex: Male

Species: Unicorn

Appearance: White coat, mane is multiple stripes of colour in the order: light/pale blue, white, strong blue, grey-ish blue, dark grey-ish blue

Eye colour: Blue

Cutie Mark: Makeup Brush

Lives In: Ponyville

Other Information: He owns a shop in Sugercube Corner, he's seen as a rivel to Rarity. He's snarky, and a little flamboyant at times (not overly), his voice is medium range with a slight British accent. He mostly focuses on makeup, however he dabbles in clothes-making too. He wears his signature blue and white scarf all the time.



The "canon" just means I tweaked his design to look more like a canon side character (made it more "animator friendly" basically)

download (3).png

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This is an image of my FIM OC, Power Chord, made by Yume.bunny.

He is an Earth Pony who is somewhat shy, so he expresses how he feels through music with his electric guitar. He really likes Rock.

 I made him as a character for an MLP Role Playing Game (Tails of Equestria) and I sometimes refer to myself as "Power Chord" but he's not exactly a Ponysona. Although I have a hard time knowing the difference between OC and Ponysona.


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These are my newest OCs! Meet Ghostie and Fae

Fae is a timid and kindhearted pegasus with a permanent limp from a cart accident, her cutie mark  is a pink butterfly surrounded by wisps of sea blue magic

Ghostie is a serious and focused unicorn with a broken horn, she sees dead ponies and has problems stemming from always seeing spirits everywhere, her cutie mark is a white and dark blue will-o-wisp.


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Phantom H. Fetlock

"We fight only for what we believe in!"

external image

Phantom Harcourt Fetlock was raised in a proud tradition of chivalry and service to the Crown, and to value freedom. The Fetlocks have long protected the coasts of Equestria as sailors and privateers. However, Phantom H. Fetlock sees an opportunity to make use of the captured airships of the Storm King to form a Royal Aerial Navy. Note: Fetlock's sabre is a family heirloom; its hilt is decorated with his family's crest. Fetlock's goal is to command his own vessel on a mission of exploration and diplomacy beyond the borders of Equestria.

About 400 years ago, the pirate Captain Emeraldas Fetlock terrorized the high seas in her ship the Equus, until she was defeated by Princess Celestia (some say in a battle of wits). Seeing the error of her ways, Captain Fetlock named herself a "pirate knight" and pledged her service to the Princess and to the good of Equestria. In turn, the Princess issued a Letter of Marque allowing Fetlock and her descendants to act as privateers under the Crown's authority for as long as they performed their duties with honor and for the common good.

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