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movies/tv Who is looking forward to EVIL DEAD


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I know many people get their tails in a twist over remakes, but I for one find them to be a lot of fun - reimaginings of classics with either new twists (Jason being smart) or making the story more serious and dark (Freddy) to making it scarier (Texas Chainsaw).


Evil Dead is my 2nd favorite horror franchise after Texas Chainsaw and I have to say that I am VERY excited for the remake. While I know there are those asking "Where's Bruce?" or "Where's the comedy (That's evil dead 2 people)" I am asking "How traumatized will I be when I leave the theater?"


Comes out in 2 months ponies!


What say you?

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While I agree that it won't be the same without Bruce Campbell, I'm still definitely interested. The original movie had very little budget, so it will be nice to see what they can do with modern special effects and a lot more money.

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Wow I still haven't seen any of the Evil Dead movies yet

And they're gonna create a remake of it already

I need to watch one of the Evil Dead movies sometime

Since I doubt that they'd ever be bad at all

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Yes. Evil Dead is my favorite trilogy of all time. The moment I found out about the remake I was absolutely floored, still kinda depressed that Bruce won't be making an appearance, though though I have to admit that I cringed a little when the deadite from the trailer cut it's tounge down the middle, silly kandarian demon. Can't wait 'til April!

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