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Vector - Fireball Rush (Constructive Critisism Welcome!)

~Chaotic Fireball~

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At long last, here it is. My first ever Vector, and 6th ever computer drawing. I now present to you, Fireball Rush - The Heart!!


I think I'll set it as my profile picture. I used the background as the Rainbow Dash heart picture thingy that I found on the internet.

  I worked hard on this thing whole week long, after watching countless tutorials and not getting anywhere. After a little exploration (is that a word?) and fitting the pieces together, I came up with how to do Vector art on GIMP 2. Hope you like, and critisizm is welcome!


One more thing: Which pony should I draw next?



I resaved it as a PNG file.

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Looks pretty good I guess, Overall it looks drawn well, its a little hard to tell her Mane style and stuff, but I suppose thats fine since shes in the shape of a heart.


Also the quality of the picture is kinda low,(Or atleast for me) did you compress it a whole lot or something? I'd recommend trying to use PNG format and not really worry about putting compression rate on more then like 3. Thats just a suggestion.


Overall it looks pretty good :).

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Well while it looks pretty good, I'll have to say that I can see straight away that this is not a vector.

Vectors are files that are made in vectoring programs such as Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape. I can tell this is not a vector because the lines aren't smooth and it is not high quality. You can read more about what vectors are here and some programs you can use to make them: (Though I recommend Inkscape since it got everything you'll ever need and it's free) http://www.maa.org/editorial/mathgames/mathgames_08_01_05.html


I made a vector of just one part of the drawing, and as you can see, the lines on this one is much more smooth:



Also, be sure to always make the background transparent. Now you are using a white background. But that is probably because it was a jpeg at first I believe. Don't use the .jpg format for vectors. Actually, I wouldn't recommend you to use it when drawing either.


But vectors are not drawn. They are made by lines that's connected between different nodes.


And again, GIMP isn't the best program for vector art so if you actually want to make vectors, use a vector program.

Here is an example how vectors are made:






Anyways, the drawing looks good and you have made a great piece of art even though it isn't really a vector :)

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