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Sugar Pea

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I am only really good at drawing mares and fillies, but not yet have I mastered the ancient art of stallions. x3

So this is why I am only taking requests for mares...^^'

I will be taking stallions as soon as I start mastering them...their heads are so weird!
When I am done with your request, It will be shown here...so please keep coming to this thread! :3
Finished Requests:

Eternal Flame





Fireball Rush








Example of art style:



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Nice work.  Wouldn't mind seeing another person's idea/rendition of the Eternal Flame character I made for that Artist Training ground last year.  Made her based off the idea of Philomena being a pony phoenix Hybrid. 



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Um, I have a question. Can I request my ponysona even though he is a stallion. You said you didn't want to draw stallions because I assume their snouts. However, my ponysona has a mare snout even though he is a stallion.



If you are fine with this, here is a picture of him.





If you are not, that is fine too. Good luck with the other requests.


You know what? I have a better idea. I'll just request the daughter of my OC who is a filly (duh). Here is Clear Sky:


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Ok, heres a mare request! The purple pegasus below named Skyeribbon <3 
She's the small purple one and her cutie mark is also below. Though instead of those bracelets, could you turn them into green ballerina-style ribbons? 
You are so cool. Thanks!

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Can I request my OC? If you do want to do her, here she is. ^-^ And don't worry about having no pic of a cutie mark, she's a blank flank ^-^; And sorry about the ridiculously big pic blush.png Oh yeah, and I'm guessing you're not colouring, but just in case, her bow's supposed to be the same colour as her coat.





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Ooh, could you possibly draw a picture of my character Ultraviolet with some goggles on her forehead?




Thank you so much ahead of time. I really like all of your drawings.:catface:

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BUT BUT....."GUY"RA WANTS TO BE DRAWN!....Oh well....I would like you to draw Lyra with a moustache, your style of art makes me curious of how Lyra would look on it.

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Hey can you make me a drawing of a mare like enternal flame or like fireball rush if you could I dont care which one you

make me and I would really apperate it if you couldsmile.png

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This topic appears to be a request thread and has therefore been moved to Creative Resources. The Fan Art board is for showing off and getting critique on works that you, the topic-starter, have created.

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Wow i like your drawings.


Hope you don't mind drawing my OC Peachy Pie? I'd like to see some more artwork of her since she's my favorite OC i made.



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