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My home place


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I wanted to show you some pictures of my home place and will put them in this thread:


here's picture in janyary last year ca a mile from home



these are two horses we had...(we had to sell them because it became to slippy in the winter)



and this is in the summer




There are more pictures futher down !!

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yes and i want to go home now!!!..... i had to move to go to school


Wow that looks really idyllic. I sure wish I lived by a lake.


and btw it's not a lake.. (it's the sea) we usaly bath in it at the summer...(it's only like 10-12 degreed Celcius) and it's freezing cold


Looks very nice. Must be hard work.


yes and it's kind of fun too...

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Looks close to Equestria to me, since I've stayed in cities all my life.


yes i'm living it the city rigth now.. and it's kind of boring i think...


this are some more pictures






btw.. this is me hehe..


This is the rason we had to sell the horses



I want so much snow again!!


watch the beautiful moon at the nigth






This is an project we have build this summer



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Very similar to the nature in Sogn og Fjordane (my family have a cabin there). But its the same land, so I couldn't expect anything else.


well it's a very spread land.... those thing that are in common are that we got mountains and "fjorder".. and of course the beautiful nature

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Couldn't ask for more picturesque scenery! I bet the temperatures get pretty extreme during the winter though :P



not realy.. we often dont have lower than -20*C


but the efficient temp. are sometime like -60*C

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not realy.. we often dont have lower than -20*C


but the efficient temp. are sometime like -60*C


Not too bad for up there. I'm from socal where it doesn't get below 4*C and if it rains people freak out... nobody here knows the definition of cold.
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