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Peaked at the comic and i don't get the luna complaint


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I'd heard that some how the comic un did luna's character growth by making her timid at the start of the nightmare saga.


And that's an easy as hell explanation.

(Only read the first issue so far).

She's talking about the nightmare creatures that corrupted her in the first place.

These are the very things that got her kicked out of her home for 1000 years.

made her sister fighter,

and as a result lost every friend she ever use to have.

(Cause their gone now.  Heh see that?  the show does do death.  It's fairly understood star swirl isn't still alive.)


I think if she reacted timidly it's not only understood,

but expected.


vs being all daring facing some peasants in luna eclipsed.  I mean how bold do you got be to walk up to people cowering over you.


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