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Does anyone know what this device is called?

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In Season 2 Episode 15 "Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000", This thing was visible on top of Flim Flam brothers' locomotion:



Then I saw it again in S02E20 "It's About Time", inside Twilight's house:



It looks like a vacuum tube with two antennas inside, and sparks jumping from one antenna to another.


The question is, is this really existing apparatus, and if so, what is its name?

Or is it made up, to look sciency?

It feels like I saw this apparatus outside My Little Pony.

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Yes, it's sometimes called a Jacob's Ladder, or to be technical a 'high voltage traveling arc'. Usually they're not in a tube like that, but I've seen a few built like that where the tube is filled with the same gas as 'Plasma Globes' to give a more colorful display.

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