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That's right, two lessons in one episode. 


Daring Don't was a really enjoyable episode.


I was a little mad that Daring Do treated Rainbow not the best way when they first met through. 


I believe that there were two lessons in this episode. The first lesson deals with Dash's lionization of Daring Do. Just because you're a fan of someone, doesn't mean you put them on the highest pedestal there is. It might appear that they are cool, but as shown in the episode, Daring's attitude towards Dash was of self-centeredness and wanting to work alone. Dash's main flaw was that she was SO fixed on wanting to be alongside her favorite hero, that she forgot her OWN value. Rainbow Dash is awesome because of her loyalty towards others. Daring's awesome because of her bravery and antics. 


On Daring's side, she was too cloistered in her own shell. The fact that she was focused on completing the task at hand, blinded her from what Dash really wanted. This ended in her blaming Dash for being captured, which was not true. The other problem was, that Daring Do was sort of OVERestimating herself, which is why she didn't want to trust others. She was consumed by her records and past completed tasks, that she stood on her OWN high pedestal. Daring learned that even if you think you can get it done by yourself, you can't, and it's always best to accept help when you have the chance. 


This episode was a well written episode and had great development for Rainbow Dash





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There wasn't time for daring do to treat rainbow well.


at best she was a bright eyed fan

at worse a spy or the like sent by one of her enemies.


you know.. not every pony knows who rainbow dash is.

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I have to agree, i liked the episode, and it put alot into it for a regular length episode.


The fact it has two morals possibly, is maybe another reason i enjoyed it so much.


Of course, i'm mister easily amused, so i don't know how relevant my thoughts are. But if i counts i agree with you that there are two morals to the episode.

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