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Books Your least favorite characters in warrior cats?


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If you have not read the books yet, I reccomend reading them! The books may sound stupid, but there still very neat books!


I have two characters I dislike, and I will just post why.

1. Firestar.

Firestar is just... meh. I felt he lived to long, he was like, the longest lasting cats in the whole books! Heck, Bluestar didn't get to live that long! Plus, he just felt like that know it all, goody character that always seemed perfect. I just don't like him.



His character is just... I don't know, I just dislike him! "Oh, my brother and sister bullied me! I'm just going to go on a killing spree now!" Ya, not that good of a character. Also, apparently, he has dog bones on his collar. How the hell did he put them on the collar?! Sometimes people say he got string and tied them on, but seriously, cats can't tie strings!

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I hate Ashfur because he went overboard for a cat who never loved him, I won't go in to detail because of spoilers. 


Then there's that cliche, idiotic villain Tigerstar who was simply sick in the mind and didn't have any reasonable motivation for his actions... Not to mention his just as bad clone-of-a-son, Hawkfrost.

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Oh colt, it's been a while since I read those. Since I don't use the library anymore, I might have to buy them...


Anyway, I don't recall disliking any of the characters.


EDIT: Wow, new books since I read them. Excellent.

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I loathe Ashfur!  He didn't love Squirrelflight, he obssessed over her in such a mentally unhealthy way. I also hated Crowfeather. What a b*****d! How DARE he grow so cruel towards Leafpool, when he claimed he loved her, and then to deny his own children!


Hawkfrost was a stupid character, but he put in perspective what Brambleclaw could have been if he followed in his father's foot-uhb- pawsteps....Scourge...well, considering how IRL children are and what he went through as a kitten, I can understand his misplaced hatred of the world, with no understanding of love or kindness at all. Tigerclaw was a decent villian for the series, and no matter how unreasonable the reasonings may be, greed and lust for power can turn any character (not just Warriors) into horrid creatures.


Firestar doesn't seem like a bad character at all....although I do believe the end of the series just shoved him in for no apparent reason.  He lived actually an average life for a feral cat. Normally feral cats don't live 10 years, and he stayed in that timeframe, so I can't hold that against his character. More often than not, feral cats who group up for survival tend to live close to 12 years on average too....most house cats on average live 12-15 years if not longer.  He was old by the series' end, but I think he did all he could and lived much longer than he should've anyways because he was given 9 lives from Starclan.

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Pretty much every single ThunderClan cat.Except Ashfur and Hollyleaf.Too me,they're too goody-goody.

And Firestar.He's too much of a Gary-sue,and too much in the spotlight.Three other cats are the focus for a series but have to kin of Firestar.Like,ok.

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Ashfur, for the same reason people above said.

Oh, and Darkstripe!  He almost killed my favorite character (sorreltail).  How dare he try to kill a kitten!  Seriously, he was just a blind follower of Tigerstar, without actually thinking or anything.


I also dislike Lionblaze, but not that much.  I feel he's bland and too arrogant.

Dovewing is also pretty bland and annoying, and just too perfect.


Well, the newer cats are quite bland, to say the least :\

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I don't think Firestar is a gray/mary-sue....He has done a great deal of growing throughout the series, and by the end, when the focus shifted to the later genereations, he was the clan leader to them, and no longer the central character. 

Darkstripe is just a stupid peon/minion/idiot....I hated that he lived so long.


I think the cats being more bland toward the end of series was because there was something much MUCH bigger going on, and that really seemed to be main focus the plot towards the end.

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