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  1. Hi i have Xbox 360: BronyStealth I play cod, gta v, minecraft, left for dead etc. I dont play fifa or halo.
  2. Ibthink itd be better if all GOOD bronies went to Equestria i dont see the perverts or clops being actual bronies theyre here for different reasons. If all good bronies went we have to all meet up for the good of eq and figuee something out, A rule would be maybe a certain number of bronies can be in ponyville so maybe we switch every two weeks (have a calender) so the mane six wont get swamped, and there wouldnt be a food problem i guess, and so alot of us in manehatten, canterlot and ponyville and maybe a few people would want to be in everfree forest. And also any people with crushes on the
  3. HELP! QUESTION: Does this have any lon lasting affects on your personality does it make you more sporty, confident, shy, nerdy etc? Is it scientifically possible? And anyone with experience please say!
  4. Im not sure well ever be able to create a portal to a multiverse. Ever. One its a theory and Two we are capable of teleportation but only for ONE atom itll take us millions of years alone (as of yet) to teleport a whole human. But the computer program one is definetly possible, Incredibly possible, If you look at the rate of computer memory and how fast its increasing we could have a petaflop pc in the next 20 years and so creating a progran is possible NOW but we'd or anyone would have to start working on it soon if there was lets say 40.000 desigers, programmers etc working on it its possibl
  5. Id also go back to earth fix this.world to be like equestria, get rid of corruptness and i guess find a way to fix society or i could use a spell to spread love and happyness and fet rid of a curse know pony knew about which was set on humans then id return to equestria, defeat any arising villains and make myself a normal pony maybe wipe my memory of humans and befriend everpony including mine six then finally possibly have a heartattack of how AWESOME thatd be. Id be god on earth and a pony living in equestria. o_o Aww the dreams <3 <3 ofcourse this is gonna make me depressed soon be
  6. I dont worship it and im sure hardly anypony does, but i do feel like it could be a way to live by, or be an example, to live by be; nice, friendly, non-judgmental, happy, truthfull, loyal need i go on? I mean most of this fan-base consists of good people anyway, people that arent afraid to be themselves or dont listen to stereotypes. Because most other people would laugh at the idea of watching MLP and buying merchandise above the age of 12, Why due to siciety and the way it is.... I went of topic a bit but Derpy. .
  7. Ok so my favourite MLP character is Fluttershy and tbh i wish more people were like (as i do with all of the main six) her and i myself try to act like her more than the others. Does anyone else do this with their favourite pony? Try to act like them alot, I guess due to attachement how much better they are, compared to alot of people in this world.
  8. They have a website so if you have a good idea or an improvement you think they should make just go and ask them they speak and listen to fans.
  9. Yeah same, im wobdering if theyll upgrade the graphics eventually, theres definetly room for alot and it could fail by being repetetive the risk of copyright from hasbro etc. The group called also fall apart. And im hoping.youll be able to do more with magic and flying maybe affect clouds? Also the annoyin thing is that it cant have ANY canon characters. :/.
  10. SO what do you think is good or bad about the upcoming game? What do you want to see in it? What are you looking forward too the most? Do you think itl fail or succeed? And just general thoughts on the matter.
  11. So lets say the parralel universe and multiuniverse theory is correct and theres infinite universes and equestria out there somewhere <3 would or could on of the equestrias be in animation like mlp actually is or would it be real life like (Take account dimensions and stuff) I know this the extreme level if brony abd geekyness but i just want there to be an equestria out therem somwhere.
  12. Another extra detail is that i find it hard to hate anyone,and does anyone else want to go to equestria and meet the ponys? And live there? Thank you guys, This has really helped, i know im not the only who sees society the way it really is and is being pushed by society and that im not alone with this mindset. i know this could be seen as a bad thing me feeling better because other have gone or are going through it :/, But i cant help but feeling a lot better, Thank you
  13. Lots of spelling mistakes sorry, i cant laugh at people* and i know this sounds weird, feel free to hate, im just very depressed :/
  14. HELP! Am i the only one that thinks this? im a loner,im very nice, I get bullied, i have anxiety, never had much friends,and i dont know why. I feel like i dont belong in this world id be better of in equestria i find it hard to be like other people and how they see the world and all the lonelyness is making me very depressed and sad, i have never bullied and find it hard to be like most other people in school i can laugh at people... I watched EQG the other day and cried with i guess.. jelousy and how i wish life/people are like that, I think to my self why does the world have to be like th
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