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  1. Probably would not have found my best friend and my wife. MLP and the people I've interacted with made me want to be a better person than I once was, and I firmly believe those changes are what made me into someone with whom an attractive librarian decided was worth spending her life.
  2. I'm really hoping that I can get leave approved for the full four days. I attended the 2013 one, and that's it so far. The highlights of that weekend were meeting an internet friend in person for the first time and being told at BronyPalooza that all of us jumping around was causing the floor beneath us to physically buckle and registered as an earthquake on a nearby seismic reader. I didn't meet anyone new but my lanyard and sponsor pass still hangs off my wall. Would love to help send the BronyCon team off into the sunset with one final pony party for the history books.
  3. No better time and place is there to catch up on some reading.
  4. Quite simply, home is where the pants aren't. Gotta feel comfortable in the one place that's supposed to keep the rest of the world at bay until I have to head back out into the fray.
  5. My cat. Flinging 12lbs of angry, snarling kitty cat at someone's face will turn away the most determined of intruders. If that fails, I keep a loaded Glock 17 and Colt 1911 in the nightstand.
  6. I have zero desire to sprinkle catnip all over myself and go sit down in a room full of kittens.
  7. A miracle happened in Waco,TX back in the 1880s. A legend was born that would light the darkest corners of one’s life and bring happiness to the downtrodden. A simple, sweet nectar from the Heavens above known as:
  8. I’m at something of a loss here, good sir. It’s 0430 on a Thur and I’m not even finished with my second cup of coffee so you have me at a distinct mental disadvantage. Yet despite this handicap and your courteous warnings concerning your person, I choose to challenge your assertions of negativity. My good fellow, you have not seen the last of me.
  9. "Growing old is mandatory but growing up is optional." I forgot who told me that once. I'll be 36 before too long and I was always the kid that chose to study or work instead of wasting time on things such as playing outside or hanging out. Even started working odd jobs when I was 12 and my first real job when I was 14. So I've always felt much older than I really am and to this day I tend to gravitate towards the elderly crowd because I can relate to their values and enjoy their stories. A lot of that kind of reversed after MLP. I let myself stop being the stoic pillar and started to embrace emotional experiences. So, physically I feel at least in my 50s (thank you bad back, knees, and shoulders) and the gray is really starting to show up. Emotionally I've downgraded to my early 20s as I've let myself feel everything I blocked out for years. Mentally... I'm about at my actual age, though I still call most people 29 or younger "kids."
  10. Well, I don't feel quite as creaky as usual if so many other folks knew what I was talking about. I think those little guys are still sold in checkout lines but I always remember my grandparents loaning me their old copies of Digest when I'd come for a visit. Thanks for all the warm welcomes and wishes. I feel a bit ridiculous knowing that it took me a few minutes to scroll down past my own post to read the replies. It's interesting and embarrassing that a natural shyness extends to an online introduction as much as it does. I swear I'm not a complete hermit, but I do lack in experience in the friendship-making field; I can count my current circle of actual friends one a single hand. Anyway, I look forward to exploring the forums and seeing where I can fit in. The fandom has unknowingly given me so much over the past several years and it's past time for me to give back and see if I can't broaden a few horizons in the process.
  11. Most anything related to dragons has been a major part of my life since around high school. Prior to MLP I was still hardcore into Godzilla and Zoids with an ongoing battle between Star Wars and Star Trek going on in the background. Still a fan of them all but ponies has been front and center for the past 7 years.
  12. "Sometimes rule by majority feels really inferior compared to simple violence."
  13. I have no idea what that reference is from. Please educate me while I unwittingly get further engrossed in the "A Vision of Shadows" arc from the Warriors series.
  14. And behold, a random player appears. There will one day be some lore if I ever pull together enough motivation to actually put to keyboard a few of the thoughts bouncing around in my head. I have only one FR friend so far but am always hoping for more. My Lair
  15. Been a while since I've actually tried to step into a community or group setting since I last tried over at the EQD forums. I guess the short story there is that I tend lurk in the background of almost everything that I do or anyplace that I visit. It's a trend I'm trying to reverse by ignoring the little voice that tells me not to trust people in general and just let things play out on their own, for better or worse. The Reader's Digest version of me is that I'm a 7 year pony fan who found the fandom back when I was deployed to Japan for a couple of years. I also have my feet firmly planted in the PC gaming world, read far too much in relation to the free time that I actually have available, dabble in woodcarving, and really wish I was better at writing and music. My wife thinks my cooking is good, so at least there's that. And if anyone here knows what Reader's Digest is without having to look it up, bless you because you probably feel as old as I often do. Really what I'm hoping for are new friends. At my age it's tough to make new friends and every year I become more aware of the fact that I've missed so many opportunities to either leave some kind of mark on the world or welcome new people into my life. Maybe it'll happen, maybe it won't. All I can do is try to change the pattern that has kept me from forming lasting friendships and see what happens.