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  1. I love you all! Please don't let this community die. <3

  2. I left for a long time, months, for various reasons. Mainly because of a hurricane and me having no ability to get online at all, but once I did I was simply too anxious to really do... anything. It's only recently I was able to stand up in my feet, and even then, every so often I can do nothing but trip and fall back down. I want to get online more often admittedly, a lot of people here seem to be nice and friendly. ^^
  3. Looks

    Gaming Recent Gaming Purchases

    ( Also bought Dark Souls 3, and Rainbow Six Siege w/ FaceRig thrown in there for shits and giggles ;w; )
  4. Touchy. Very touchy. Would laugh at most things and also very "lost", having no idea what anyone's talking about until they explain it to me like 3 or 4 times lmao.
  5. same as above forum: no one IRL: no one either Pony: Had one at one point but I gave up lmao
  6. I don't see the problem with saying that n word especially in the context he used it in. Just because you use a racial slur doesn't mean that you're predominantly a racist, nevermind the fact that he was filed a DMCA complaint for it. Hell, by everyone going up in arms about this, you're just giving power to the racists, fueling the word and its shock factor; iDubbz's input on this, with his whole Tana Mongeau situation a while back is somewhat similar, "Either all of it is okay, or none of it is okay". Bottom line though, it's the internet; if you're going to be angry at someone for saying a
  7. Looks

    Mega Thread Answer the question above you.

    It displays the history of display names xp What question would you like me to ask?
  8. Guess there was no other way of wording it; either way it'd be interesting to see who's the most/least evil .o.
  9. What I don't like about calling a villain the "most" evil, and calling another one the "least" evil is that it really depends on how much you agree with them or not in the first place; the villain you consider the "least evil" is the one you agree with the most, while the "most evil" is the one you thoroughly disagree with the most. Sure, you can count in the fact over just how unjustified or how brainlessly the villain's desires were, but in the mind of the perpretrator, it is ALWAYS justified; they are always seen as the good guy. Technically (before the mess of an episode the newer changeli
  10. This is like asking if there's vegetarian men out there; of course there are xp
  11. Forum Crush: i RL Crush: dunno Pony Crush: lol (chrissy)
  12. @SparklingSwirls - dunno who the heck are you but thumbs up ^^ @Rulerofblocks - badass
  13. @Royce I have no idea who you are but you seem pretty okay
  14. http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/featured/champion-xayah-rakan-reveal tHOUGHTS?!
  15. Looks


    I'm 18 - 2 years old. I'm neat. Hello. kill me
  16. Unless you count Taco Bell or Subway, I RARELY ever eat at McDonald's. Last time I ate at McDonald's was about 2 weeks ago ish... but prior to that, easily 5 years. I've stopped going to Burger King for quite a bit of time. Though, Wendy's must've been about 2 weeks ago, too.
  17. I believe religion is a good thing to cling in at the worst of times; it's a good thing to use for self confidence, faith, etc. I live in an area that was predominantly catholic, but now there's a protestant majority. I was raised to think that Jehovah (God) was more of a father than a king; that he loved you no matter what you did. I was a Christian throughout my life, not really shifting to a specific group of Christianity since I never even knew they existed (I considered all Christian people to be more or less the same, and clung onto the cores of Christianity almost exclusively). I used t
  18. Asking if a furry can be conservative is like asking if a man can breathe.
  19. I don't mean to cause any sort of controversy, but Zoophilia, objectophilia and paraphilia is more of a mental disorder than an actual "sexuality", to me at least. You can't exactly be attracted to actual animals, objects or... dangerous activities in a sexual way, much less an emotional way (unless you count objects/animals, but in that case it wouldn't be zoophilia/objectophilia, it'd simply be a reminder of something, a pet... or you just really like a certain object, or animals!).
  20. oh... hue. I do remember only watching parts of it, but I never really watched Season 5, let alone Season 6.
  21. I don't mean to be rude, or to cause any sort of drama... but what does it refer to when it mentions "Other"? Aren't all kinds of sexuality already listed in the poll?
  22. I just dislike Halloween simply because I find the idea of dressing up as whatever while asking for candy a little bit silly... but mostly because the candy given out is pretty bad (At least here ) hOWEVER, Christmas is absolutely aMAZING! Personally to me, it's not about how the Holiday originally started/what it WAS about; to me it's about what it's celebrated for now (Family time, a new year/beginning, appreciating what you have, and presents! :3). If that was the case, we'd be ACTUALLY celebrating Jesus' birth around summer, and... it wouldn't really be as special, at least to me.
  23. I kind of stopped watching since Season 4 came out; the only other episode I've seen after that is the Changeling episode from Season 6... apart from that, I'd say it may have been at the VERY least 6 months or so. I can't remember when season 4 came out.
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