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  1. FluttersisBestPony

    Things you look for in plushies

    I don't care for any plushies that have brushable manes
  2. FluttersisBestPony

    Is Pinkie pie actually an example for bad behavior?

    I'm not trying to be rude, but you did spell sugar wrong.
  3. I have short hair, and I dont think I look good with long hair... so probably not...
  4. FluttersisBestPony

    Did you change favorites over time?

    My favorite has always been Flutters, but I also used to really like Twilight, then after she became princess, she stopped being one of my favorites, so now it's just Flutters
  5. FluttersisBestPony

    Give the user above you a nickname!

  6. In the beginning, I just sometimes watched the show on Netflix, then I started watching it more, and my sis randomly got me a mlp figure for Xmas, and then, Idk, I just became a brony
  7. FluttersisBestPony

    Hatchimals and FiM

    I heard stories of Hatchimals being sold online for like $600 or something
  8. FluttersisBestPony

    Ponies and nature- effects and implications

    What I meant was, something happened and if the ponies don't make the Earth function, it wouldn't.
  9. FluttersisBestPony

    Ponies and nature- effects and implications

    Maybe the Earth just wouldn't even function without the ponies?
  10. FluttersisBestPony

    If Celestia and Luna vanished, which 2 would raise the sun?

    That would probably be the most likely
  11. FluttersisBestPony

    If Celestia and Luna vanished, which 2 would raise the sun?

    I'm sorry, but I don't honestly think Flutters would raise the sun, just saying
  12. I would like to go to a theater to watch the movie, it would be the first time... But convincing one of my parents to take me...
  13. Yes. My bestie. I'm the one who introduced her to the show
  14. FluttersisBestPony

    Do the fans make better plushies than hasbro?

    I think so, the top one of Rainbow Dash, me and my sis were at Target once, and there was the Derpy one, and I scared her with it, LOL
  15. FluttersisBestPony

    How Do You Display Your Ponies & Equestria Girls?

    I have several on display, all of my custom blindbag ponies are on display, also my brushables, funkos, and all Flutters stuff. I have a playset on display, which is what my custom bb ponies are displayed on.