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  1. I don't care for any plushies that have brushable manes
  2. I have short hair, and I dont think I look good with long hair... so probably not...
  3. My favorite has always been Flutters, but I also used to really like Twilight, then after she became princess, she stopped being one of my favorites, so now it's just Flutters
  4. In the beginning, I just sometimes watched the show on Netflix, then I started watching it more, and my sis randomly got me a mlp figure for Xmas, and then, Idk, I just became a brony
  5. I heard stories of Hatchimals being sold online for like $600 or something
  6. What I meant was, something happened and if the ponies don't make the Earth function, it wouldn't.
  7. Maybe the Earth just wouldn't even function without the ponies?
  8. I'm sorry, but I don't honestly think Flutters would raise the sun, just saying
  9. I would like to go to a theater to watch the movie, it would be the first time... But convincing one of my parents to take me...
  10. I think so, the top one of Rainbow Dash, me and my sis were at Target once, and there was the Derpy one, and I scared her with it, LOL
  11. I have several on display, all of my custom blindbag ponies are on display, also my brushables, funkos, and all Flutters stuff. I have a playset on display, which is what my custom bb ponies are displayed on.