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  1. Happy up here datasette remix by Røyksopp
  2. What's everyone up to?

    1. Rikifive


      I guess I'll be playing a game with my brother - he keeeeeeps poking me. :mlp_icwudt:

  3. Well, this is the song I last listened to a little while ago
  4. Well, this is probably the first time I see you here.
  5. Just some weird stuff as the usual
  6. Norway - Because I live there Russia, in St Petersburg Sweden Greece, on the island Crete Denmark England Spain France Turkey Latvia Romania
  7. 10/10 The artwork itself was enough to draw me in, the beginning of the song got me hooked and listened through the whole thing. Fantastic song Now for something fast
  8. Rainy_days

    Ask Woohoo

    Favourite metal subgenre(s)?
  9. Napalm Death - "You suffer but why"
  10. It's not my kind of thing, but it's still good 7/10
  11. 4/10 Not really a fan of metalcore in general Grindcore on the other hand
  12. Rainy_days

    Gender Race

    666 Just kidding 898
  13. Rainy_days

    Mega Thread Song Stuck in your Head Right Now

    For some reason this song gives me the ultimate summer feeling. Would be nice with a cold beer now
  14. Just passing through once again
  15. Dude, Burzum is awesome, especially that song there. As for the song above my post- It certainly wasn't anything for me - 0/10 Here you have something that is a bit longer than @Twiliscael little song Enjoy!
  16. Rainy_days

    Mega Thread What are you thinking?

    "I should probably try to sleep even though it's damn hot in here"
  17. Oh man
  18. Just passing through.
  19. 10/10 This song/track or whatever gives me a feeling of summer
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