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  1. *because *I *anyone Banned for bad grammar.
  2. I loved the songs (going to be listening to those in my car). I feel this was a bold move in the plot line, as this will change the outcomes and plotlines of all future episodes. I feel an episode like this would have been better suited to be the very last episode to ever be aired. And I also didn't watch it until late tonight (as I was away from home this morning), and it was impossible to dodge the spoilers. First, Daniel Ingram posted on his Facebook about writing a song about ponies switching their cutie marks, it took a little while to get that off my mind, and then I foolishly come to this site and get a nice glimpse of Twi as an alicorn which completely ruined the suspense when I got to the point in the episode where Twi and Celestia were talking. And I played TF2 today and saw someone with their name being "Twilicorn." I didn't even think about this though and didn't know what it meant yet. No big deal though, still an amazing episode. And this will be me when I wake up on a Saturday morning and realize that there is no new MLP: And also, seven songs in one episode? That has to be an Academy record!
  3. Yes I still enjoy the show for everything that it is made famous for. I enjoy the characters and well written plotlines. Now that I have a girlfriend, I do not clop very much anymore, although I still do occasionally. I still watch the show frequently and regularly. I would think it would be very rare for a person to JUST clop to the ponies, and not appreciate the show where it came from.
  4. I thought this episode was very good. It was definitely funny; this episode made me laugh more than any other episode to date. If I was drinking something, I would have spit it out at "I can turn a mare into a stallion!"
  5. The Final Frontier: The music of Star Trek at the University of Central Missouri http-~~-// They finally decided to upload it. This was pretty sloppy though. First time since I was in this band did we not make finals in this competition.
  6. No, not satisfied. I really expected more out of him. He really didn't do much to except trap Twilight. If he had more speaking lines it definitely would have made him, and possibly the episode as a whole much better.
  7. Allstate Mayhem Commercials + Ponies = I am for sure going to make more, and I guarantee that Derpy and Discord will be involved.
  8. Indoor Drumline competition, playing The Final Frontier: The Music of Star Trek at the University of Central Missouri. I am the tenor drums on the far right. http-~~-// We got 4th. I can't seem to find the full band field show video...
  9. Nope; I was able to get in and see the colorful background at my high school. I would expect that the only reason it would be blocked is the IP.Board Community Forum Software that runs these forums and many others is pretty widespread and can probably be easily identified as an nonconstructive forum and blocked.
  10. 3DS: 2234 7205 8534 Steam: Team Fortress 2 is really all I play right now, sometimes I play Left4Dead 2; I am actually an admin on PonyWubServers so you all should check it out... Server shut down
  11. One time I accidentally put a staple in my thumb. It hurt, and pulled it out as quickly as I could. Luckily, there was hardly any bleeding involved after I got the staple out.
  12. Sorry for the awkward and somewhat difficult-to-understand title. When someone says something not pony related, when do you find yourself thinking of something pony related? For example, during a break in Drumline practice, the bass drum players were giving names to their drums. One guy named called another guy's drum, Flam, as in the musical note for drums. But a few seconds later, I thought of this guy: I had a couple more examples, but I forgot them. Has this happened on anyone else?
  13. Highly doubtful. Almost every TV program runs in 30 minute blocks. Though I'm a sure the first episode of season 3 is an hour-long (split into two episodes) I'm sure none of the others will do the same.