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Are all alicorns princesses?


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Well so far what we know is that all alicorns are princesses and that you become a princess when you become an alicorn. The question of male alicorns is still up in the air as we have yet to see one and the only stallion royalty we see aren't alicorns (Shining Armor, Prince Blueblood, King Sombra)

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When Twilight becomes an alicorn in 'Magical Mystery Cure', Fluttershy says something like "you look just like a princess" and Celestia "that's because she is a princess". For me, this was an indication that the alicorn form was synonymous with princess status, thats just how I see it though obviously :blush:

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Well, I really don't think princesses & alicorns are that synonymous. Going by what I gathered from the "Journal of the Two Sisters," it seems to me that there were plenty of alicorns, and maybe still are. If there were that many alicorns, then I doubt all of them would be ruling monarchs unless they served a specific function.


Celestia & Luna raise & lower the sun & moon, Cadence represents love and is the crystal princess, while Twilight represents friendship and a strong embodiment of magic.


To me, it's not so much being a alicorn that would make one a princess, but the function they would serve in what ever kingdom they rule.

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Becoming an Alicorn is probably one of the prerequisites to being a princess.

I also don't think that somehow becoming an Alicorn automatically makes you a princess.





This reminds me of another question: At Season 3's Finale, everyone says that Twilight Sparkle created new magic... but what exactly does her new magic did?


She just completed an unfinished spell, and I had no idea what it did.

For that matter... StarSwirl the Bearded created over 200 spells! He should've been some sort of super alicorn princess.

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Well, all princesses seem to be alicorns, and being an alicorn would seem to be a pre-req for being a princess, as princesses seem to be the term used for guardian of Equestria. But until we see alicorns that are both canon (ie not princess erroriora) then yes, all alicorns that currently exist are princesses.

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The following contains spoilers and mostly is just my thoughts and input. 

Princess/Queen Amore (a pony who ruled the Crystal Empire before King Sombra) was just a unicorn so not all princesses have to be Alicorns. I think it's more of a thing that to be an Alicorn Princess you have to not only earn your horn and/or wings but your right to actually be a princess. Celestia and Luna only became princesses after Starswirl asked them to because they could basically be the happy medium of Earth, Unicorn, and Pegasus Ponies and soon got their cutie marks afterward, though both were adults. Cadence is said to be a pegasus before an Alicorn, and she is also a distant relative of Princess/Queen Amore so I can only assume that she was a princess beforehand. I think Twilight only becomes a princess because of friendship; she literally finished a spell that not even Starswirl could complete because he didn't understand the full meaning of friendship. If I was Celestia and/or Luna I would have made Twilight a princess after that as well; who better to help keep the harmony between ponies then a pony who understands friendship so well? 

It's said that you earn your place as a princess in Equestria, and I think that even if you are born into it you aren't held as high up as if you earn it.

So... No, I don't think that being an Alicorn automatically makes you a princess which also means that if you are a male Alicorn you wouldn't automatically be a prince. 

Sorry, I if I got a little carried away, but I hope I put a little light on the situation. 

P.S. Any guards or other ponies that were seen as Alicorns in the TV Series and aren't Celestia, Luna, Twilight, Cadence, or Flurry Heart were admitted to be an error in animation... 

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