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Which mlp song have you listened most often?


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Hmm... Smile Smile Smile MIGHT be it merely due to the amount of time it has been out vs the new challenger I Am Just a Pony.  Music in the Treetops is also up there.


Last Alicorn Princess if you want a non-canon song.
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- You're in my head like a catchy song

- The place where we belong

- A better way to be bad

- One Small Thing

- Open Up Your Eyes

- The final song

- The School of friendship song + reprise

- The Road to Friendship

- The Kirin Song

- You'll play your part

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I listened to This Day Aria and Helping Twilight Win the Crown SO many times back in the day, I think they easily take the title. I also listened to later songs like Luna's Future, Open Up Your Eyes, and A Kirin's Tale a lot too, since they're probably my favorite songs now. 

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It's probably a villain song, I don't really listen to other MLP songs otherwise, save for the cut Equestria song from the Movie and Rainbow

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