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"First Unread Post" Button?

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Since the redesign, I've been wondering...has to "go to first unread post button" moved somewhere or been removed altogether?

I find it to be especially handy in the forum games, and it'd be nice to use it again...

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This is the current IPB 4  solution. 



Not super intuitive, but the feature exists for threads that have an unread post. The default behavior of the old version was (I believe) server handled and would take you to the first unread post by clicking on the title regardless of whether you read it or not, effectively taking you to the most recent post or last post if it was marked as read. Using the jump to page and last page features are acceptable solutions when you are in a previously read topic, but a better solution would be preferable since a topic title has more real estate on mobile. 

Also it would be nice to have that feature included in the topic based blocks (recently posted in particular). 


A counter argument could be made that forcing the OP to be the default landing point when clicking on the topic title link allows the reader to have context on the topic you are reading, but I would respectfully disagree with the effectiveness of that approach. 

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