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Pony Admiration Thread

Luna's Admirer

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This thread is pretty much for sharing the pics of your favorite ponies, pony waifu, or simply the pony you find the cutest, and tell others why they're so amazing in your eyes. 

I guess I'll start. (I love to rhyme, even though I'm horrible at them, so I hope you understand.)


Princess Luna. The Princess of the Night and the beauty of the stars. No pony's as beautiful as her, and no sight is as beautiful as hers. She's the one who rules the kingdom of my heart. She's cute and lovely, her voice is more charming and melodious than the Nightingale. Luna is the moon, I wish to see always lighting up my night sky, and I always see her without a blink. 

She's my night, she's my starlight

She's my shine, she's my moonlight

My life would be dull without her light

She's more than a pony

She's more than a Princess

She's an angel of night

She's an angel of night

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