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When do you think Busniess Will Pick Up, In other words, the MANE 6/8 Finding out about Grogar


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I'd say the Mid-Season Finale, have it end on a cliffhanger. Then use the 2nd half for the meat of the story, at the same time have Gusty debut/reveal herself to Twilight and the Others 


But what do you think?

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Probably near the end of the season, like in the finale or one of the episodes prior(22 -24) so they can put as much slice of life episodes as possible and closing the arcs they need to before the end(the finale will be closing twilights arc probably).

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most likely in the first part of the final episode. It was unexpected the show showing us the antagonists plotting all season long before their strike, but the ponies always find out about the threat during the two parter. Hell, even Starlight, who made foreshadowing cameos two episodes during S5 before her final attack, and the Mane6 knew none the better

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